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Do Men Hate Women's Hats?

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by Mayor La Trivia, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. I found this article in the May, 1939 issue of Radio Mirror magazine. I thought it would be of interest to the members here.

  2. I remember the pro wrestling scene in "Shadow of the Thin Man". Nick and Nora are at a wrestling match and one of the guys sitting behind Nora says "Gee lady! What a screwy hat!"
  3. Big Man

    Big Man My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I like seeing a woman in a hat. Unfortunately, it's not something you see everyday around here.
  4. PHIL1959

    PHIL1959 One of the Regulars

    I like seeing a woman in a hat. Trouble is,around here its rarer than seeing chicken teeth!
  5. Since I almost never see it today, based on what on see in old movies, it seems like women's hats are like everything else in the realm of style - some look great to my eye and enhance a woman's appearance and some don't. Again, in my opinion, as with most things, less is more and the hats I tend to like on women are the simple ones that compliment an outfit or her overall look and not the "statement" hats that say "look at me and my hat."
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  6. Agreed. The small, useless broach sized hats I find to be a bit silly. The ones that actually serve a purpose often look good.
    In the article, Phil Baker says he hates the ones with the massive brim.
    I disagree, I find them quite dashing.
    (screenshot from The Red Shoes)
    You do see this type of hat worn to this day occasionally, I always think it looks good, and I admire the aplomb required to pull it off.
  7. Hat Dandy

    Hat Dandy One of the Regulars

    I have mixed feelings on the matter. If the hat is at least somewhat functional, then it usually gets a pass from me.
  8. i don't like any hats that are overly fussy on women. i like the simple, softer styles of the 20s and early 30s:



    and, of course, the beret:

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  9. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    I vote for the beret!

    Although I have to admit, some women in berets ...
    ... look better than others ...
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  10. I like thed beret too. And phooey to function.... yeah, it's all well and good, but if that's all that mattered, we'd all be wearing boonie hats in Summer and beanies in Winter.... ;)
  11. But they do keep your head warm.
  12. Nana Brauner

    Nana Brauner New in Town

    I keep a 1930's letter from my great-grandfather where he complains about the hat one of his daughter's was wearing when they met up. He was ashamed of her extravagant hat, as well as her "excessive makeup", as they were attracting attention and that made him feel uncomfortable... I so would like to see her!
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  13. I like women's hats, but my wife doesn't like to wear them.
  14. Love women's hats. I think many of them look very attractive and classy.
  15. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

  16. Denton

    Denton One of the Regulars

    This thread reminded me of some cartoons by Winsor McCay. Here is an episode of "Rarebit Fiend" where it becomes fashionable to trim men's hats like women's hats:


    And here's a woman who buys a gigantic hat that threatens to destroy cities and crush the bodies of the workers who are delivering it to her house:


    The man in the first cartoon might appreciate the simple design of the hat in the second cartoon, although he might not like its enormous size.

    It is quite possible that McCay hated women's hats.
  17. He wasn't too fond of men's hats, either, from the looks of it. Calling someone's dopey topper a "highronomous box" is the funniest thing I've read in a very very long time. McCay was not only a first-class cartoonist, anyone who can get away with an art pun/insult like that is pretty much a genius.
  18. p51

    p51 Practically Family

    I never liked the 'squashed beret' look of the early 30s, nor the overly flowered ones.
    The wide-brimmed hats, though, I've always liked. For example:
  19. Do Men Hate Wome's Hats?

    Funny! That was when I first fell in love with hats. I was quite young when titanic came out, but i was very fascinated by that hat.

    I still prefer wearing wide brimmed hats, but wear other styles too. Pure out of practicality.
    But let me put on my trench coat and a wide brimmed fedora, and I can handle anything life throws at me.

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  20. BriarWolf

    BriarWolf One of the Regulars

    I for one am borderline ecstatic when I see a woman in a hat, and lament their disappearance among the fairer sex even moreso than among us men. Skin cancer isn't sexy, ya know. :p

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