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Do you go Commando?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Girl Friday, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. We just moved into a place that doesn't have a washer and dryer, it really makes you miss it when you realize you are running out of clean underpants. So I either need to go to the laundry mat or purchase some ... since I am not really a "Commando" kind of girl. :p
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  2. I don't think I could actually run out of pants....I have so many that I might be reduced to wearing old, tight or unflattering ones, but I'm not sure I'd ever run out completely!!
  3. I do, often. Yesterday. Always with pantyhose (yes I know some of y'all are shuddering at the mention of pantyhose) or tights, and in the past with an open-bottom girdle, but that doesn't work very well.
  4. No No Never. I feel my undergarments greatly contribute to how well (or not) my clothes fit. also i could not wear pantyhose without panties too..ooh,not comfy...I will even wear a pair of my husbands briefs if i have to..
  5. lindylady

    lindylady A-List Customer

    Here's an embarrassing question

    Whenever I wear a circle skirt out dancing, I put on long black shaping shorts (similar to Spanx) in order to avoid a peep show whenever I twirl. I always have my underwear on beneath the shorts, but someone informed me that you don't need to do that. Is this true? It still seems as though you're going commando beneath your foundation garments :eek:
  6. I'm a neurotic panty person. I don't think I could ever run out, even after a month of not doing laundry (of course, I don't do this, but if i did, I'd still have clean under-things). I don't know why, it just seems that I'm always buying them.
    I don't think I could ever go commando. When I first started wearing tap panties, I had to have a pair of underpants on underneath them. It took me a while to get used to just wearing the shorts. And I only did this because between the tap panties, garter and long-line bra, I just felt like I was wearing way too much under my clothes. That, and it made going to the bathroom quite complicated!!
    So for me, I have to be wearing undergarments. I used to live in an apartment without a washer and dryer, and in the very rare event that I didn't have clean panties, I'd just hand wash them in woolite in the sink. This might be a good alternative for you, if you don't get to the laundromat in enough time. I've done this will all sorts of materials, but I did find that the nylon dries much faster than cotton. If you wash a few in the sink at night, they should be nice and dry to wear the next morning.
    Another alternative is to just buy more!! I know, this isn't always practical and budget friendly. But, I have bought back-up panties. Usually I'll pick up a few packages of Hanes from Target. They come in all different styles, and some are actually really cute. I think a 4 pack is 6 dollars. I know, they aren't the most beautiful undies. But, I actually like a cute pair of cotton bikinis with a cute floral or stripe pattern. They also make them in boy cut. I know, not glamorous, and not vintage, but inexpensive and good if you're in a bind. One can never have too many pairs of underwear!
  7. I agree - one should always have at least thirty pairs of knickers! lol

    I've gone without on a number of occasions :eek: However, it's always been a necessary evil; full bustle gown, petticoats, tightlacing corset and tiny loo cubicles do not make life easy. Since there are so many layers, I reason that nobody will ever know....well, except you lot now! lol
  8. Dear God, NO. I will NOT go without underpants. The mere thought makes me shudder!

    Hand wash them to dry overnight if necessary. Nick the BF's pants. Just please wear some.

    I agree Daisy, that I still wear knickers under french knickers, otherwise I feel too exposed. When I did ballet in my younger days and wore a full circle skirt for some stage thing, we had either little short french knickers with slim legs or what they call a modesty petticoat. It is just a short straight petticoat to the top of the thigh so when you twirl, no-one sees your crotch. It has tiny splits up the side so you can lift your legs if need be.
  9. Barbigirl

    Barbigirl Practically Family

    Do you go

    Commando? Quite often...whenever the mood strikes me.

    Now don't get me wrong...being a girlie-girl, I love lingerie, I like everything to match and could easily go a month without doing laundry. It's really contingent on the outfit and the weather.
  10. BettyValentine

    BettyValentine A-List Customer

    I was going to say no, but then I remembered that sometimes I find it necessary with formal wear. Frequently a bias-cut silk charmeuse will show even the line of a thong where it crosses the hip bone, and that's totally unacceptable as far as I'm concerned. So if that's the case I just wear nylons. (I'm sorry, I know they're generally disliked around here, but you can have my Wolfords when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.) The nylons smooth over anything that might show otherwise, and the waistband never shows because such dresses are never too clingy at the waist. Sometimes I see old starlets in such dresses, usually in white or some light color, and you can see all the hardware of their girdles through the dress. I very much dislike that. Seeing the hardware ruins the illusion. It's like a woman putting on lipstick at the table. Such a dress should only be worn if it looks smooth, like on a mannequin.

    Oh yeah. The dress in my avatar is one of those. I could never wear underwear with that.

    I also have an A-line skirt from stop staring that is stretchy over the hip, and the thong will show there too, so I just wear the pantygirdle by itself. (Panty girdles can definitely be worn w/o underwear.)

  11. I don't have a dryer, so I'm at the mercy of the weather so far as drying the washing is concerned -- and I will confess that there have been days when I have, um, run short of necessities. I usually either wear a panty girdle or an open-bottom with tap pants over it, and if I run out, well, I'm very careful about avoiding going out in the wind until they're dry...
  12. You hate that too? OMG so do I? I would never, ever apply my lippy in public (not that I ever need to, you understand!) and I think that anyone that does is frankly, lacking in d?©corum. **runs and hides from all the ladies that secretly apply lippy at the table!**

    I always remember my nanny drumming it into me how to behave like a lady - the lipstick thing was one of her gems. Another was that it was utterly bad manners to smoke in the street. Obviously in the sixties, everyone smoked! I don't, so apart from the fact that because of that, I detest cigarette smoke, I do actually think it looks absolutely awful when you see people smoking in the street. Even worse when half the time they are pushing buggies and yelling at their toddlers to get a move on. <shudder>
  13. DancingSweetie

    DancingSweetie A-List Customer

    Since I never wore underwear when wearing tights for ballet (no one does) I got used to not wearing them when wearing pantyhose, who needs the extra lines? Nowdays I never wear pantyhose, I prefer thigh highs so I must wear panties, but there have been times when dressed formal that it looked better without so I did.
  14. Sorry Dancing Sweetie, but I did ballet for 20 years and I always wore knickers under my tights. I hate how it feels without!
  15. DancingSweetie

    DancingSweetie A-List Customer

    That must be an English thing.
  16. Barbigirl

    Barbigirl Practically Family

    I don't consider thigh highs a "must wear panties," especially with the more form fitting skirts, though the thigh highs have to fit just right to not make a thigh dent. It is not as if one would be rolling around on the ground like a toddler kicking up one's heels for all to see.
  17. Nah, I'm not English. A Kiwi from Down Under! No pun intended. But all the other girls I danced with always wore knickers too.
  18. BettyValentine

    BettyValentine A-List Customer

    That's really interesting, I've never met any dancers who wore underwear under their tights and leotards. It used to be the bane of my theater existence, because we got a lot of dancer/actress types (dancer/actress/model/singer/diva types) and they almost never wore underwear, even when they weren't dancing. Why on earth would those girls not wear underwear to fittings? Augh. They weren't dancing in my dressing rooms! And then the assistant shop manager went around and told everyone at the theater what sort of ... ehrm ... hairstyle everyone was wearing. Heh. I guess it's a shame all the big stars knew not to do that, or we could have sold the info to US Weekly. lol

    I think my favorite thing ever from David Sedaris is a bit from The Santaland Diaries (about the time he was an Xmas elf at Macy's) where the wardrobe manager lines all the elves up and says "You WILL wear underwear! Don't even think of coming here and saying 'I don't wear underwear, I'm a dancer.' You're not a dancer; if you were a dancer you wouldn't be here. You're an elf, and you will wear panties like an elf!"

  19. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    I love sexy underpants as well, but there's something about going completely commando that, well, seems too naughty!
    underpants is like a blanket to me...a comfort thing. Even sleeping I need to be wearing a pair![huh] If a washer and dryer is not handy, hand wash! Then for drying them, put them close by a heater (not too close though :rolleyes: )
  20. Sunny

    Sunny One Too Many

    The only time I go without is when I'm reenacting, and then I wear split drawers. And it took me over 6 years to get to that point! But now I love my split drawers. They're not only comfortable, but it's so much easier to use the facilities. No more lifting up skirt, hoop, and petticoats, and then wiggling down underpants from under the corset! Someday I'll likely try going truly commando, without drawers. But I need to make some longer chemises first. ;)

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