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Do you go Commando?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Girl Friday, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Nooo, Friends didn't invent the term! I think that episode probably popularised it though.
  2. Drappa

    Drappa One Too Many

    I'm not sure if it's related, but I used to work with Royal Marines, also called Commandos (in the UK at least), and they are notorious for not wearing underwear. In fact, the training establishment I worked at had daily orders (like a daily newsletter, also including orders) reminding them to please wear underwear to medical appointments and uniform fittings, and many still turned up without I was told.
    I am not sure why they do it, but it may be because they have to shower several times a day during training and constantly change their uniforms, which are also frequently wet. Less hassle I suppose.
  3. I always wear a bra, not always knickers, not with a girdle, and more often than not in summer, if i'm wearing a not too short dress or skirt then no, i never wear underwear in bed either, just a nightie or pyjamas if that. But i do wear undies with trousers or jeans mostly as it can be a little uncomfortable and staggering around looking like John Wayne is not a good look!
  4. I don't wear bras at home but I always have to when I go out. Same with knickers.

    But I've always heard it wasn't good to wear bras when you go to sleep?
  5. Grant Fan

    Grant Fan Practically Family

    I do it all the time, but I really don't like the lines underwear leave.
  6. miss_elise

    miss_elise Practically Family

  7. Off topic?

    I just love how you brits call them "knickers". So much more fun to say than "Underwear" (as it's called here), "Underpants" or "Panties".
  8. It was the first time I had heard it, and after that it seemed to be everywhere!

    Thanks! I had no idea it had been around so long.

    I HATE the word "panties"! Underwear, underpants, undies but panties just sounds sleazy to me. Don't know why. I also quite like "kegs" for undies, which I think is a Northern English thing.
  9. or undercrackers, my son still thinks that is amusing. As do i truth be told, Dear, dear.:eusa_doh:
  10. LoserVonTeese

    LoserVonTeese Familiar Face

    I like the word "panties" it sounds ultra sexy and feminie...;)
  11. I also absolutely hate the word "panties"! Always have, always will.
  12. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    I'd shower in bra and knickers if I could! Well, maybe not, but the thought of going out in public with no underclothing is not something that I could imagine. I mean, what if I got run over or something?!! :eek: Commando, hell no!

    I've never heard the one about it being unhealthy not, ahem, letting it all hang out for sleeptime, but I simply couldn't slip into the arms of Morpheus without both housebra and undies. And PJ's. And eye mask. And cotton gloves a la Doris Day. And pith helmet. Just joking about the pith helmet.

    I've not a great fondness for the word "panties", but I used to work with a girl who was positively allergic to it. I have an allergy to British truncations like "choccie" and "biccies" and "hols", so we'd wind each other up with these word wars...all in good fun. I did threaten to quit, though, if I had to listen to any more Harry Potter on audiobook. Not an empty threat.
  13. ZombieGirl

    ZombieGirl One of the Regulars

    I'm an undies-on kinda girl. I don't care if other people go without but I'm just timid and clumsy to go without. I'd probably trip on the sidewalk and flash my goods to everyone on the street.
  14. annet

    annet One of the Regulars

    exactly what i am thinking.
  15. I wouldn't go commando, because I love knickers! I have lots of nice ones and I love wearing them. Plus I have experienced wind-based flashing a few times when in a cotton frock, so wouldn't dare!
  16. NancyLouise

    NancyLouise One of the Regulars

    Haha, yes, totally worried about this!
  17. BettyMaraschino

    BettyMaraschino Familiar Face

    I have never gone commando, I never will. If it gets to the point where I've ran out of knickers, I have been reduced to wearing the shorts I wear to bed as underwear. Or nicking my mans boxers.
    Either way, I'm too clumsy to go without. Plus I'm so paranoid, If I go dancing in a full skirt I'll wear my usual underwear and a pair with more coverage too.
    If a skirt is anywhere near above the knee on me, I wear leggings or 80D tights underneath. I am just that clumsy LOL

    Speaking of which, this reminds me I need to go underwear shopping :)
  18. I am with you. I only go commando in my own house and not usually even then.
  19. It's interesting how strongly people feel about this. Though I do believe more people go commando that most may think - just judging by a quick poll of my female and male friends.

    Personally I never wear underwear. Bras are necessary for support, but I just never saw the point of underwear - I guess maybe hygiene, but even then...not really. If I pick my clothes right, they will fit and not chafe. And underwear has always just felt incredibly uncomfortable - I got sick of constantly squirming in my seat. And girdles and corsets make me feel sexier than any underwear. Plus my posture is great when I wear them! ;-)
  20. No.

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