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Do you have a crush?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by katiemakeup, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Dixon Cannon

    Dixon Cannon My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Ok, I'll confess. I met Patti Boyd (Harrison-Clapton) in Las Vegas last month and had a great conversation with her. I've been smitten since about 1964 when I was ten, but talking with her and looking into those eyes is enchanting. Ms. Boyd is charming beyond words and I can see why she's been the muse for several song-writers over the years. There's something is the way she moves........


    -dixon cannon
  2. ShesSoVaVaVoom

    ShesSoVaVaVoom One of the Regulars

    might want to at least wear a coat on your way up to her door ;)
  3. Rufus

    Rufus Practically Family

    My new shoes. :)
  4. I am a firm believer in flirting should be practiced often, it is harmless and puts a smile on my face.
  5. ShesSoVaVaVoom

    ShesSoVaVaVoom One of the Regulars

    Christian Bale. *swoon*

    I have a slight crush on my friend Nick, though I doubt I could ever be more than friends with him, he's too young for me :)
  6. Kishtu

    Kishtu Practically Family

    I'm sure it puts a smile on the flirt-ee's face too Dahrling ;)
  7. Chad Sanborn

    Chad Sanborn A-List Customer

    Only if its cold...I don't want to show up with a frightened turtle!
  8. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    Shrinkage? :D
  9. Well, almost--while it's almost impossible to put a smile on my face, you ladies frequently bring them to what little heart I have left.
  10. ShesSoVaVaVoom

    ShesSoVaVaVoom One of the Regulars

    lol I'm sure your crush-ee wouldn't want that either!
  11. i_am_the_scruff

    i_am_the_scruff A-List Customer

    It's not a crush (as cheesy as it sounds since being with my boyfriend I don't seem to fancy other guys), but although I have never thought Heath Ledger was ugly, I also never looked at him and thought "wow he's good looking" and as sick as this might sound I think the time he was most attractive was as the joker lol.
    He was crazy and psycotic (sp?) but also strangely charasmatic.

    Weird, right?
  12. Yes. Weird. :D
  13. desi_de_lu_lu

    desi_de_lu_lu Practically Family

    Not really.. I think Jack Black was the most attractive in "Nacho Libre"...in those stretchy pants.
  14. Weirder. lol

  15. Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun.

    Seee...we know what men do in private for fun ;)
  16. Kishtu

    Kishtu Practically Family

    :eek:fftopic: Neecerie, you can usually tell when a man has been wearing your stretchy pants, cos the blighters never leave them the way they found them :rage:

    Kishtu all of whose leggings were out of shape after her ex OH used to wear them (the wretch)

    Back *on* topic... Christopher Eccleston *swoon thud*
  17. desi_de_lu_lu

    desi_de_lu_lu Practically Family

    mmm stretchy pants...lol
  18. Spiffy

    Spiffy A-List Customer

    No, not weird. Plus his clothes were a-MAZE-ing. Even the little nurse's uniformlol
  19. alexandra

    alexandra Practically Family

    I think the weirdest part about this is that you don't fancy other guys!
  20. i_am_the_scruff

    i_am_the_scruff A-List Customer

    Haha, I can't help it. I don't know why :eek:

    YES! I am having a girl version of his outfit made when I have money! LOVE IT. And that nurse scene was so funny when he was walking away from the hospital with his pins out lol

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