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Do you have a crush?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by katiemakeup, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. alexandra

    alexandra Practically Family

    I get pissed off when my boyfriends think my crushes are good looking. I'm like "how can you not think he's a babe?"

    Once I made an ex of mine watch this Jamie Bell fan video of pictures while we were on the phone and it had some really lame girl ballad playing and pink backgrounds and I'm like "Come on he's totally cute" and he's like "I dunno, he's kind of wiry" and then I hear his dad be like "What the hell are you watching? Oh Jesus. At least I could have walked in on you watching porn."

    I laughed.
  2. i_am_the_scruff

    i_am_the_scruff A-List Customer

    Haha that's great!
  3. alexandra

    alexandra Practically Family

    Sorry I meant when my boyfriends DON'T think my crushes are good looking!
  4. i_am_the_scruff

    i_am_the_scruff A-List Customer

    Yeah, thought so :)

    Glad only one person thinks what I said was weird, I thought everyone would think i'm sick or something!
  5. alexandra

    alexandra Practically Family

    I don't!

    That said, I think Frodo is totally cute in that one scene where he's like all sickly and dying with the bags under his eyes. Nom Nom Nom! It's sad but I have a thing for sickly boys.
  6. i_am_the_scruff

    i_am_the_scruff A-List Customer

    Haha, maybe because he's vunerable?
  7. [​IMG]
    No thanks

    Yes please!!!

    So so wrong, I know
  8. i_am_the_scruff

    i_am_the_scruff A-List Customer


    That's worse than my one! Haha.
  9. Uh huh. Can't stand buff Christian. Bleh bleh bleh!!!
  10. Starius

    Starius Practically Family

    That man smacks his mama around!

    But he sure does make a good Batman.

  11. Nope, I love the Joker. I mean, the character. That's wrongerer. Everyone tells me so [huh]

  12. Don't like the voice lol
  13. Starius

    Starius Practically Family

    True, he does take it quite low.
    I still think the best batman voice is Kevin Conroy and the best Joker voice Mark Hamill, from the animated series.
  14. i_am_the_scruff

    i_am_the_scruff A-List Customer

    Me too :D

    It's ridiculous!
  15. It does ;)!! But it isn't always me who instigates the flirting though, it's fun being the flirt-ee aswel.
  16. lol Don't get me wrong. Weird is good. Humanizing. lol
  17. Naama

    Naama Practically Family

    I'm also one for the anorexic looking boys (I think I never had anything to do with a guy who weighed more then me lol ) but Christian Bale in "The Mechanist" was even too thin for my taste! Scary!!!

  18. All it takes is one bad day to make a normal man go insane....


  19. Nice flower lol lol lol

    Jack Nicholson at the joker though *swoon*

    And as for Heath, I love how he played him. Apparently there have been many complaints about the film because he is too convincing as a nut job lol

    How did Mr Bale not have a really sore throat after that film. That stoopid voice kinda distracted me a bit to be honest. And this is me talking, yes, the one with the Yorkshire accent!
  20. alexandra

    alexandra Practically Family

    Ahaha is that you?

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