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Does anyone know the movie?

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Naama, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Naama

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    Hello! I woke up a bit (too) early this morning, turned on the tv and was skiping through different channels and found something black and white ( ;) ) So I stopped there and there was a movie. I guess it was from the late 30's. No actors I knew. It was about a guy who killed a women because of her money and then there was another guy, who I first thought was a detective, but he wasn't, he just had the murderer under suspect and was investigating with one of his employee (I don't know, he was a fotographer or something and working for the other guy) because a) he knew he was it and b) he wanted the girl wich was dating the killer. At the end he solved the case and married the girl. It ended with the girls mother who came into her daughters room after the police arrived and found her daghter with the "detective" (I can't recall any names, sorry) and they told her that they married that night. Now, it doesn't sound like a comedy, but it actually was rather funny (it was really funny). So, I can't remember the channel, and I don't at what time it was, I tried to find it in the TVguide but didn't really find anything.... So if someone could tell me the name of the movie, that would make me glad :)

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