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Double breasted knit waistcoats! Wow!

Discussion in 'Suits' started by sproily, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. sproily

    sproily Practically Family

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    I've seen lots of early 1960s ones. They were often made of acrylic, with a very low opening, and with smooth pearlized plastic buttons. Two buttons only ... a far cry from the six-button version in your photo.

  3. sproily

    sproily Practically Family

    And so it seems that the waistcoat is actually a "pullover" as it is stated in the text. The buttons are just faux I believe.

    ...I think.
  4. .

    Interesting. The 1960s double-breasted knit vests have working buttons.

  5. sproily

    sproily Practically Family

    Here's a rough translation:

    "Observe the pictures on this page, men's pullovers! The same "handmade" look as in womens jumpers! And the same diversity in quality -- from the most glamorous tennispullover to the thickest and coarsest sweater. It is offered far and wide all over Finland - even to the most northern areas the vast log worksites. Atlas sweater is indeed an unbeatable piece of clothing in the most freezing conditions.

    For winter one must also remember the Atlas skiing outfit (picture on the next page)! While talking about menswear, one mustn't forget the other Atlas sportswear such as Atlas warming up suits."
  6. Nice, I'd buy into those....
  7. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Garrick Anderson offered both DB and SB knit vests in the mid 80's.

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