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Down Bottom - The Girdle Thread: OBGs, PantyGs, shapewear, cinchers and the like

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by LittleArquette, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Waist Cinchers? (All I could find was info on girdles)

    I'm gonna try to be BRIEF and as non newbish as I can,'kay?

    I was glancing about on What Katie Did.com looking for some nice underpinngs,of course I'm new to the whole 1930,40s,and 50 thing (I've been more of a,say casual goth),so I was quite unsure on what exactly was needed.

    Bullet bras seem far too extreme,for my age (18) I'd be far too scared to go out in public in those. (Might put someones eye out?)

    Girdles and such seem a bit exspensive and I just don't think I ought to invest in something. Girdles seem more for girls who have a BUM. And the corsets are far too expsenive.

    The waist cincher seemed like a nice idea since I love the hour glass waist figure. I was wondering exactly if ya'll had any good information on them,if you had any,how you felt about them,what exactly you wore them under,etc.

    Thank ya'll so much! (Haha,yes its fine to laugh at my hick accent).

    <3 Annette.
  2. Funny you should ask. I just saw some inexpensive modern waist cinchers at JC Penneys.
  3. .

    Really,now? I think I'll look into that... Thank ya for the tip!
  4. A good vintage like bra

    Hi L.A.! Welcome to the lounge. I think you are the nearest person to me state wise I have seen post.

    If want a nice vintage style bra with out being quite as extreme as the bullet, Playtex makes a really nice Cross Your Heart. I love that it has no underwire but still does the job of an underwire.
    Here is link to it:
  5. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I have a waist cincher I bought downtown LA in the garment district, but every time I go back they don't have any left :(

    I love the men's waist cincher on that site. lol
  6. Oh wow!

    Oh,wow Rosie,that second link made me giggle for about 5 minutes. Those men waist cinchers are cute! Hm,the women ones look very nice and durable as well. Yeah,I'm quite into the hour glass figure.

    Hey Cherryred! That bra seems less extreme then ones I've seen,but it does seem to give off that er...'UMPH' that was so popular back then. I think I might buy one of those and check it out. *Already digging through wallet* Seems very nice!!! Really? Hoozah for living close! Heehee. AR as in Arkansas? That is pretty close! Not too long of a drive.

    Oh mah gosh. The L.A garment district? Oh,wow wow wow. That must be awesome to live near all that. That'd blow my top with all those shops. I'd prolly try to go to them all at once and like combust or something.

    Thanks for all the comments! ^_^

    <3 Annette
  7. mandolynn

    mandolynn New in Town

    I actually have the black and pink waist cincher from What Katie Did, butttt I found it on an american website for much cheaper. It works pretty well at giving me a better hourglass figure (I already have a decent one naturally, but it's always nice to have a smaller looking waist ;) ).
  8. Where on earth...

    Where on Earth did you find one for cheaper?! Those are the cheapest I've seen that look like they actually would give off the hour glass vibe!
  9. mandolynn

    mandolynn New in Town

    I'll PM you the link, as it is NSFW.
  10. FYI ladies, What Katie Did is having a sale on Rago girdles!

    If the shipping price works for me, I'm going to buy a white Rago girdle from them with the intention of dying it light blue. Have any of you ladies dyed your girdles before? Any tips?
  11. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    I have dyed a girdle and for the most part it works fine, although my dye jobs took a bit uneven. Just be careful to let it soak for awhile so you get even coverage. The only thing is that the stitching won't take the color, or won't take the color as much, since thread is usually cotton/poly. In other words, it should work beautifully, as long as you don't mind some contrast stitching!
  12. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    Vargas style long-line six strap girdle


    Has anyone tried this one? I'm half in love with it on looks alone and would love to know what people think of it. Also, I've never worn Kiss Me Deadly products. How do they compare with Rago? How do their garters differ, and what kind of support could I expect from it?
  13. PS

    PS A-List Customer

    I bought it

    I bought it from the UK and had to send it back in order to exchange for a S. If you are small I don't know if one will fit you. I am a US 6/8 and the M was much too large. I am a little nervous the S might not even fit. It really is a beautiful garment, beautiful. I hope it fits. Its well constructed and being that is a take on their Vargas Dress that gets lots of love, I have very high hopes for it.
  14. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    :( That's a shame. I had high hopes regarding it. The sizing would be an issue, as I'm a US 3/4 (at least in the waist and hips)and I'm pretty sure that the small might be too large. I guess I shall stick to my trusted Ragos. After all, why fix what's not broken?
  15. PS

    PS A-List Customer

    The Small arrived and it does nothing. Not snug enough, no support, no shaping. Not sure what to do now. I may work for another figure but for mine it doesn't work well.
  16. kissmedeadly

    kissmedeadly New in Town

    I noticed a few people coming into the site from here so I thought I'd better come and return the compliment. And yes, you are right, we mucked up the sizing on these and they run too large compared to normal for us - I think I was randomly a bit bigger than normal when we were testing it out. However, as they have almost sold out anyway (probably because shapewear tends to sell to curvier women on the whole) we'll be remaking them in the Autumn and I promise we will reduce the sizing so the small should actually shape you in the next round. If you keep an eye on the diary we'll let people know when that happens.
    Our stuff isn't as shaping as rago as we don't use steel bones, basically because I go for somewhere slightly further down the comfort/shaping payoff.

    Oh, and Girdlebound are lovely, you need not have any worries ordering off them!

  17. kyda

    kyda One of the Regulars

    I am considering buying my first Girdle and was wondering if there was anything that I needed to know first eg: better make, where to get it from?????
  18. TessTrueheart

    TessTrueheart Registered User

    This is great news. I love the look of it and I want on, but I'm a UK size 8/10...

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