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Driving golden era cars in the modern era

Discussion in 'Skills and Smarts' started by StraightEight, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Spotted this gentleman out and about in his vintage ride and clothes. Looks right snappy, wouldn't you say?

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  2. I am no expert - but is that a '40 or '41 Lincoln he's standing beside?
  3. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    There's an old lady in East Anglia, looking for someone to give her a new home. She's fiercely independent and would insist on not coming into our house, prefering instead, to live in our garge. Like all old people, she can be a bit cantankerous, but with gentle coaxing and a little TLC she would me a most welcome member of our family. At least she won't smell of campher & urine, although you might from time to time, catch a feignt whiff of engine oil.

    She's a fair weather sort of lady, doesn't like the rain, but when she gets dirty, I do hope that she doesn't think that it would be inappropriate, when it comes to wash time, for me to clean her up, after all, even an old lady has got to look her best.

    UMG 804 (1).jpg
  4. 1930artdeco

    1930artdeco A-List Customer

    GHT, that is an attractive young lady you have there.
  5. brendanm720

    brendanm720 One of the Regulars

    My 1946 3600 Pickup truck has that very same instrument panel. Yours is in a whole lot better shape, though. :-D
  6. sola fide

    sola fide One of the Regulars

    Thanks, but I can't take credit for her condition. I bought her like this realizing I don't have the patience to do a full restore. I have been collecting accessories for the last year and plan on installing everything by next summer. I have also been building my vintage style clothing wardrobe as I want my clothes to, more or less, match the era of my car.
    Do you have pics of your truck? I would like to see.
    38 Town Sedan
  7. 59Lark

    59Lark A-List Customer

    i am surprised no one has added to this forum lately , I still have my 59 going on nearly 30 yrs, currently tucked away for winter in a former tank corp building from former ww 2 base, now a fair grounds. I hardly drove my car last year, my wife refused to ride it in much, well we separated this week so that should fix that issue. I feel like the wife said stop fishing or I am gone and the fisherman said I am going to miss her . I saw thats t shirt a long time ago, I am going to have to get Sirius radio in the lark this summer coming up , its funny how that is more important to me than a/c or p/s or p/b but driving a era car, the music playing as you drive is really important. I plan to drive it a lot more this summer 2018 and I plan to find a lady that enjoys riding in a period car to share it with 59 lark.
  8. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    Looking the part is great fun. When my old lady was used for a period photo shoot and then posted on the internet, it caught the eye of the German branch of The MG car club. So taken were they, of the photographer's work, that they used the picture on the front page of their club magazine:
    MG Kurier 002.JPG
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  9. Big Man

    Big Man My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sorry to hear about your split. I know that can be rough, but it sounds like you are handling it ok. Best of luck to you.

    I didn't realize it had been so long since anyone (including me) had posted in this thread. I'm still driving my '48 Plymouth on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, I took it out for a nice long drive through the country yesterday.

    On another note, I just got my '65 Ford Custom 500 back last week. It had been gone way too long getting a much needed new paint job. It looks like a brand new car again. I've been driving that Ford since 1983, and it has a little over 300,000 miles.

    With winter weather fast approaching, I won't be driving either of them as much as I'd like. But, as long as there's no snow or ice (nor salt on the roads) I'll have them out and about.
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  10. 59Lark

    59Lark A-List Customer

    big man I was hurt at first with my wife wanting out but this week, the kids both sat me down and said hey she has been riding in the rumble seat for 10 years at least not being a parent or a wife and not doing much being a 3 rd wheel. NOW when her back is the best its been in 28 yrs and she could help and we got her through cancer and the back surgery she wants to be free. She is taking our extra car the kia, rondo , the kids said we are going to miss that car. the kids are 24 and 15 , the 24 works with me in the business and I am training her to take over one day. I really miss enjoying that car and the feeling of putting down the road and hearing the generator whine and valve train, the smell of rotting fabric no mothballs. I need to find someone that can appreciate my love of retro. I once sat in lamys diner in henry ford M and nearly came to tears from the feelings that diner and the music they played in the background . ps I need to call Studebaker intl in ind. I broke the key off in my lark the day before putting it away, using a screwdriver to put it away 59 lark

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