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Early 1960s, Fashion, Hair, and Make-up tips

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by MissNathalieVintage, May 22, 2013.

  1. MissNathalieVintage

    MissNathalieVintage A-List Customer

    Most of the threads in the powder room and beauty forum focus on wonderful fashion (repo shoe and clothing web sites), make-up, and hair styles of the 1940s-1950s.
    Yet, I do not see any threads on hair, make-up, and fashion of the 1960s.
    I am adoring the early fashions of 1960-1964 but I mostly come across every day teenage fashion which is confusing for an adult female who does not want to look like a 1960s teenager.
    And the early 1960s hairstyles I see photos of mainly show short teased hair or long bobbed flip hairstyles with bangs/fringe which is confusing trying to create these hairstyles on long hair.
    Does anyone have and tips on early everyday 1960s hair, and fashion.

    I do like Mary Tyler Moore's

    And Marlo Thomas
    1960s long hair styles. I could not find any true vintage direction on how to achieve these great hairstyles.
  2. I think Mary Tyler Moore's hair is a flip with a bouffant. Here is a tutorial that looks good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA05I5QaZnM

    My mother thought I looked really good with a flip in my hair when I was younger and she teased it once (bad, bad, horrid mistake on my hair). That tutorial looks a lot like my mom's technique. I have to imagine that how my mom did it was how they did it in the 60s.
  3. MissNathalieVintage

    MissNathalieVintage A-List Customer

    Great find SheepLady!
    I just got this book in the mail 1960s Hairstyling http://www.ebay.com/itm/20085052972...X:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_3410wt_1069

    The book is excellent more of a hair dresser curling pattern guide then for a beginner or someone who is familiar with vintage hair curling. However the one thing I did not like in the book they do not show the brush out and most of the hair styles center around short(er) and long bobbed hair. My hair is well passed that length and I want to continue styling my hair in 1940s hairstyles, I like to keep my bangs at nose or past nose length.
  4. MissNathalieVintage

    MissNathalieVintage A-List Customer

    I got the Early 1960s fashionable clothing from the sears catalogs book http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/Boo...960s+fashionable+clothing&sts=t&nomobile=true I am adoring this book, my favorite part about the book is the photos are in color. The book covers early 1960-1963 children and adult clothing but focuses manly on women's clothing. Hooray!
    Oh and I've also been watching Gidget the TV show for hair and clothing inspiration. Granted the TV show was not filmed in the early 1960s (1965 Gidget the TV show lasted for one season) but the clothing choices for the actresses on the show look to be early 1960s fashion.

    Gidget The Great Kahuna
  5. MissNathalieVintage

    MissNathalieVintage A-List Customer

    Thank you Lady Day :)
  6. DameWhoDrinks

    DameWhoDrinks Familiar Face

    Watch Hairspray for some ideas! (make them a little less extreme than in the movie, but the gist of the styles are the same) Bouffants were happening, especially JackieO style.
    I have long hair and love 60s style as well, and I often do a bouffant with the bulk of my hair, and then have the choice of leaving the hair down, pinning it up, or ponytailing it.

    To me, the early 60s was kind of 50s-lite meets Mod lite...makeup got a little softer, but more colorful, with focus on the eyes.

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