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Er, What Kind of Stetson Did I Just Buy?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Visigoth, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    It's hard to tell from the pictures . It looks like a Stetson Saxon which is still in production . It has a 2" brim and welted edge . Today it retails for about 95.00. So, if you paid 12.50 , you got a good deal . .But it's not an old hat ,maybe a few years old .

  2. Hm. Thanks, Steve. So much for "This appearantly came from an estate sale."

    I think I may decline to buy it -- it was mis-described as "vintage."
  3. I dunno. For $12.50, you won't be hurt - and with better pix and a decent write-up on Ebay, if you want to re-sell you ought to be able to start it at $19 and at least make your money back.
  4. Problem is, living in Mexico, shipping comes to as much as the hat. And shipping *out* of Mexico comes to more than the hat. So I can't afford to buy things I don't really want.

    Unless you guys think a contemporary Stetson is somehow a good purchase (I've never actually examined one.)
  5. I have a Stetson Sutley that is a nice contemporary hat. Very soft & velvety. Would I wear it in a downpour? No. But I have worn it in the snow and light rain and it held up quite well. In fact it does shed water to a degree fairly well. I think it would make a good all-round hat when you didn't want to wear one of your vintage lids. Just a thought.


  6. The idea of a hat you can't get wet is, to me, obscene...
  7. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Trust me , getting that hat wet in NOT a good idea . I wont look that good afterwards .

  8. So, you're dead sure that this is a recent Stetson? The box -- is that a recent box?
  9. It does have a black sweatband, and if the sweatband has a papery cardboard appearance on the backside and to the touch then it is most likely recent, at least that has been my experience as of late. You may have the seller describe it to you and provide a few extra photos.


  10. gekisai29

    gekisai29 One of the Regulars

    For the price it would make a good beater at least. AQnyway enjoy your new Dobbs.
  11. Twitch

    Twitch My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Great bargains vintage or not. That's the way I buy mine. Patience wins out on Ebay. No sense getting in a bid frenzy and spending $100 for something that you'll find for $15 next week with no other bids!
  12. BigSho

    BigSho Vendor

    that hat is at least 5 years old... that is when they stopped using that box. if i had to guess i would say it is older... i havent seen one.

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