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Everyday Bags

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Lady Day, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Hello ladies.

    I was just wondering what you all use for your every day toting gear. Im trying to cut down on my gluttony of backpacks, but Im often carring a computer, and all sorts of small do-dads with me.


    I have an aray of these little numbers that I use for everyday workin' stuffs.
    Also, if I have something that requires toting (such as groceries), I tend to use my treasure of a wheeled tote from Reisenthel.


  2. BettyValentine

    BettyValentine A-List Customer

  3. I have 4 of those totes from LLBean. It's like a right of passage for every girl in New England to own one. I bought one for my late dog, Carmina. It had a little dalmatian sewn on it along with her name. It was great for toting around her things when I took her on road trips.

    As for me, I have a bit of a handbag fetish.
    Right now, I'm switching use between a Gucci in their classic style and a Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano
    I have a smaller Gucci that I also use on occasion, but it is just too small for everyday use. The above pictured bags are the perfect size for what I carry around with me. I figure, if it doesn't fit in these bags, I probably don't need it. Unless it's a laptop, and I usually don't have a need to carry that around with me. When I do, I use a red Victorinox backpack. It's virtually indistructable.
    I am in need of a new black bag, since both the above bags are brown. I have a black Coach bag, but I'm just not crazy about the style of it.
    Hopefully, when I'm in Italy, I'll find a Gucci in black. I figure that will be the perfect token to take home from my travels.
    OOhh bags, I just love em'!:D
  4. These are my every day bags:




    depending on my color scheme.

    When I carry my laptop, I use this:


    which is a tight fit for my 17 inch.

    I also carry these little collapsible bags my mom gave me. They are these little nylon pouches that zip up into a ball. They unzip to a full sized shopping bag, this is good for the days I may stop off at the grocery store after work or if I bring something home from work.
  5. Sweet Leilani

    Sweet Leilani A-List Customer

    Sadly, my everyday bag is a Fisher-Price diaper bag! :D
    (Hopefully we'll be done with it soon!)
  6. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    I carry a black leather and fabric hobo bag. The pattern on the fabric? Paisley.
  7. I suppose I will now confess that the majority of my bags and purses come from Target.

    I have target bags in classic styles that have lasted me 5 years or more.

    I see very little reason to pay more for similar bags due to ititials or a name on them. Its about how the bag works in terms of organizing me.
  8. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    My Girl Can't Seem To Be Able To Put This Bag Down.

  9. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    My current one is from H&M, my bookbag is from target, and the majority of the ones I have well loved are either from the garment district or thift stores. This one by Jordi Labanda of Spain was the most expensive purse I've ever bought and even then it was wholesale! lol
    Oh yeah, and I love sling canvas bags with pockets, but it's hard to find ones I love. Cheap and functional is what it's all about :)
  10. Vanessa

    Vanessa One Too Many

    I carry a faded cotton bookbag from a bookstore in NY and a cigarette case for my purse.

    (Um, Lauren - can I have that purse? :D )
  11. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Um... no, love. Heck I wish I had more left! I love my bag, but the straps dig into your shoulder a bit if you put too much in it. Here's a link to someone that still has them (I think these were his 2002 collection. Not that that matters.)

    Oh wait, just remembered. I have a few BCBG purses, but I got them at the warehouse sale for no more than $40. And a BCBG faux croc carry-on which is the love of my life other than my cat.
  12. i carry a now aging and defunct satchel bag from American Ballet Theater - which they no longer have in their shop! it holds my laptop, pda, ipod and make-up.

  13. Miss_Bella_Hell

    Miss_Bella_Hell My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You girls and your Gucci and Louis! My Gucci is vintage and my Louis is fake!

    Here are my two school bags:

    and here is my wall o' bags:
  14. My everyday is a repro WW2 WAC shoulder bag --


    Brown pigskin, OD cotton lining, detatchable strap, no obtrusive designer logo. It's big enough to hold my essentials -- but small enough to force me to keep it from becoming a portable wastebasket....
  15. BonnieJean

    BonnieJean Practically Family

    Are you supposed to have just one everyday bag?
    Currently, I have 4 vintage bags that I switch around with, but I'm always on the lookout for another good bag! My favorite is one of my most recent purchases--a dark brown Dofan bag in the Kelly style. Those cute "old lady" handbags with the "kissing" closures are just divine! I remember my grandmothers carrying these type of bags and sure wish I had their collections! This reminds me, I'm still needing a navy bag, so off to Ruby Lane I go!
  16. Naama

    Naama Practically Family

    At the moment, it's a bit emberassing, I use a nightmare before christmas bag, but the zipper doesn't work anymore and the straps are tearing apart every minuite..... :( I want to get that one [​IMG] but I'm totaly broke at the moment and it's rather expensive for a bag.....

  17. Miss Dottie

    Miss Dottie Practically Family

    Although this is possibly the worst picture of me, but it's the best picture of my darling polka dot tote my sweetie got me for my birthday this year.

    Miss Dottie must have her dots!

  18. Okay, I see I'm the weird one here. I make matching purses in the same fabric for all my outfits. Because I'd rather buy fabric then buy a purse.

    That said, my usual ones I carry is a tote in black brocade, with gold dragons on it (my I hate you and I'm not dressing up and this will match anything purse) a black brocade with red Chinese letters, that I think is supposed to say "Happiness" but really says the equivalent to Eat at Joe's in a Chinese take out container style with red latex piping (both self drafted) which was made for my red latex goth dress for when I go clubbing, but I love the purse, a 1920's compact purse and my book bag from a pattern by Simplicity in a Hello Kitty hot pink brocade with gold Hello Ki ttys, purple flowers and electric blue HK I got from my sewing pen pal in Japan for those days I'm antisocial and carry my laptop everywhere.

    Other then that, I have purses that are crocheted ala a pattern still available online, a red ruffly purse that matches the shirt my son "made" for me, a teal brocade circle purse I made for my wedding, a purse made from striped upholstery material (remember those from the 1990's?) that the color scheme is god awful but is the only thing that matches a god awful shirt I have, and a tote in the ugly orange print I have. And that was this week. The rest are in my lingerie chest because I don't put lingerie in there.
  19. this is my current bag:


    except that the image on mine is the one of a couple kissing:


    its starting to get scuffed, though, and Im beginning my hunt for a new bag. I hate that everything nice in leather I look at has 40 pounds of decorative hardware. I want something sturdy but lightweight, and any suggestions would be very welcome.

    Elaina, I love your solution of sewing your own bags, but I really like leather--my cloth bags dont seem to get much use.

  20. Oh I like leather too, just that I refuse to buy cheap purses. So I can't exactly afford $500 bucks to coordinate leather into my wardrobe (because I have to have one that matches every pair of shoes and $150+ a pop, not happening here) so I solve it by making them. My compact purse is my "good" purse...it's silver, it's old, and no one else is going to be sporting it. And I got it for 3 bucks. I'm happy.

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