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Everyday Women of the Golden Era

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by LizzieMaine, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. We all know the highly-idealized images of Golden Era women -- movie stars, magazine models, pinups, etc. -- but for most of us, those looks are great to see but neither practical nor attainable for everyday life. So here's a thread where we can draw inspiration from images of ordinary gals of the Era -- the hair isn't always picture-perfect, the makeup isn't flawless, the clothes didn't just come off a designer's rack, but they're still attractive -- and that's the way most women have always looked.

    Here's a few to start with, courtesy of the ever-valuable Life Magazine archives:


    Office worker, 1940


    Sunglass wearer, 1938


    Mother and kids, 1940


    Airplane mechanic, 1940


    Lecture audience, 1940

    Plenty more out there -- find them online or find them in your own family album, and post them here!
  2. "Skeet" McD

    "Skeet" McD Practically Family

    Great Thread....

    As usual. Thank you, Lizzie!

  3. Mojito

    Mojito One Too Many

    Love this idea!

    Here's my Nana - a very non-1930s ideal shape, with her husband Maurice and babies:

  4. JennyLou

    JennyLou Practically Family

    Thank you so much LizzieMaine for posting these photos. What a coincidence! Just last night I was looking for pictures on the web of ordinary women from back then to get some inspiration for my next sewing project. I didnt have much luck. I want to sew a dress that an ordinary women would have worn back then. This new thread is just what I need. Tanks again.
  5. Lotta Little

    Lotta Little One of the Regulars

    What a great thread. Mojito--I love that baby's cape, great picture.
  6. Here's a few more, again courtesy of the Life Archives --


    Office workers, 1947


    "Typical Teen-Ager," in after-school clothes, 1944


    Another "typical Teen-Ager," in school clothes, 1944


    College girl, 1940


    Another college girl, 1940

    And from my own archives, my grandmother and mother, 1942:

  7. Elizabeth.F

    Elizabeth.F Familiar Face

    If anybody's interested, here's my great-grandparents in 1937:

  8. cherry lips

    cherry lips Call Me a Cab

    I love this thread already, and it's only just begun!:eusa_clap
  9. Audrey Horne

    Audrey Horne Practically Family


    The first two are my grandmother (on the right), the third is my great aunt. These should be from the mid 40s.
  10. *Great* shot -- especially her shoes!
  11. Great thread !!!
  12. I love these type of shots of people with vehicles. People were smaller and generally thinner so the machines looked massive. Look at that bike! Impressive. This was exaggerated in car advertisements where the people were made to look even smaller inside an enormous automobile.
  13. swingkitten85

    swingkitten85 Familiar Face

    I have a bunch of old photos I've picked up at antique shops and such of everyday people from the 1930s and 40s. Here are a few that I found on my harddrive (I've got to scan all the others still... lol)





    I always love seeing how normal people followed the styles of the day in their own fashion! :)
  14. Anyone have any pictures of soldiers/sailors from World War II?
  15. Try the WW2 part of the forum. Bound to be plenty of pics in there.
  16. PS

    PS A-List Customer

    Call me crazy but these women look more tidy and smart which makes them glamorous to me, than the modern women i see everyday! Great thread!
  17. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I LOVE this thread! Real women are so much better than movie stars, in my opinion. I love film stars for glamour, but this is the type of beauty we could achieve realistically and still retain who we are. Love it. :eusa_clap
  18. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    Well done -
  19. Mid-fogey

    Mid-fogey Practically Family


    ...how not being obese and putting a little effort into dress and appearance makes these ladies compare favorably to their modern contemporaries -- without the benefit of braces, contract lenses, etc.

    Fedora Lounge ladies excepted of course...
  20. Audrey Horne

    Audrey Horne Practically Family

    Great Aunt and Uncle.
    More family.

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