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Excuse me Miss, do you Blog?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by kamikat, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. kamikat

    kamikat Call Me a Cab

    I started a new blog to document my vintage sewing. Please visit! If you have a blog about vintage clothing or living a "new vintage" lifestyle, I'd love to add a link to your blog. Right now, all my links are sewing related, but I plan on adding some more general interest vintage links, too.

  2. Miss Dottie

    Miss Dottie Practically Family

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll certainly add it to my bloglist.
  3. PS

    PS A-List Customer

    I see there is a new Etsy sticky, with all of our Loungers who sell providing the links for their shops. l love seeing all of this in one spot and it started me thinking there should be a sticky for Blogs as well. I also have a questions for the gals who do blog. . .

    Why did you start your blog?
    How did you decide on a topic, find your niche?
    Are you motivated to maintain your blog, why?
    Have you found your blog to be an outlet or a way to stay passionate?

    I've often thought of starting my own blog but just can't imagine why anyone would want to read it and then start to wonder why I would want to write it.
    My head is just on backwards lately and thought blogging would help me re-organize mentally.
  4. GlamourDoll

    GlamourDoll Familiar Face

    1. Why did you start your blog?
    I figured it would be a good outlet to express myself and to just share
    my love of all things vintage.

    2. How did you decide on a topic, find your niche?
    I actually don't have a topic, really. My blog is under my name and
    I just talk about anything and everything vintage.

    3. Are you motivated to maintain your blog, why?
    Yes, I keep up with it about twice a week. But it's so new that I only have two posts so far.

    4. Have you found your blog to be an outlet or a way to stay passionate?
    Yes, I have.
  5. good idea!

    I blog (it's in my signature) but it's for me, myself and I. Some people read it, I even have a few followers, lol, and some lurkers who never comment.

    It's called "inkyknits" because I used to knit a lot more often. I think I should change it to ShrinkyInky because that goes along with my body-transformation journey, but I haven't gotten a "round toit."

    I don't blog often lately, just if something happens or strikes me as fun. Though I try to post a "make do and mend" type of link or idea on the first of each month.

    Mostly i do it for fun and to entertain myself, but lately I've been thinking of other thoughts for a blog.....we'll see.....
  6. I like lurking the blogs, but don't have one
  7. I do. Originally I had a website with a complicated url, that just wasn't very easy to maintain & update, so I moved over to the simplicity of Blogger. Though ideally its purpose is to keep my arty friends and followers in the know, I do tend to ramble and post whatever's on my mind at the time. I like to update it once or twice a week, but sometimes it's more, sometimes less.
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I also blog. My name says what it's about.
    I use it for sharing research, sewing, and style, and updates on what's going on with my etsy store. I like blogging, really, but sometimes I don't do it for a few days because of lack of motivation to upload images! I think it's really fun to see what others are up to, and it's a great way to keep in touch with what's going on with long distance friends.
  9. kamikat

    kamikat Call Me a Cab

    I blog. In fact, I have 3. One is for my extended family, generally for family news and pictures of the children since the grandparents and cousins aren't local. One is under my name and is pretty general. Most of those posts are actually kept as drafts, so it's mostly diary-type writing. My most active one is in my signature. I used to post a couple times a week but I'm not sewing as much these days. I try to post a new project every Sunday or Monday. Having a deadline helps me stick to a project.
  10. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    Why did you start your blog?
    I started a Live Journal in 2003. I was tired of doing my "GlamSpams" (they took a few days to prepare!) so I moved to Blogger and made it more vintage-general.

    How did you decide on a topic, find your niche?
    Always vintage!! Now I discuss sewing mostly, but I like to mix it up with movies, magazines, furniture, music, and buildings.

    Are you motivated to maintain your blog, why?
    I used to update my LJ every 2 days. I update my blog once or twice a week.

    Have you found your blog to be an outlet or a way to stay passionate?
    Always an outlet, always to keep the passion! The husband isn't so much into vintage patterns and hairdos ;)

    I felt and still do feel the same. I still don't know why I have 145 "Followers." I mainly write for myself, though. On LJ i had an "audience" who expected a certain thing of me and I delivered. On Blogger I am a cracking bore lol. Also, my Facebook is a LOT more interesting. I guess I'm more interested in maintaining that instead. That's where I keep all kinds of vintage goodness hidden away. Hehe!
  11. I blog. It is about my adventures as a seller of vintage. I am sort of lazy with it though as so many other places. Ning, twitter, shops. etc.
    I will try to do better after this thread.
  12. LisaFreemontSt

    LisaFreemontSt One of the Regulars

    I have three blogs plus my youtube channel. haha.

    I started my main blog because I thought it might be a good way to keep in touch w/ my family. It's been going since Dec of 2005 and it is just my personal news/random links/ posts/ funny stuff. I haven't been frequenting as much but it's definitely still going:

    That blog led me to start reviewing movies on an alternate blog, for that purpose. I've been writing movie reviews since I was a pre-teen so this was an outlet for that:

    After I started my youtube channel, I decided to start a beauty related blog for fashion/beauty/ product reviews etc:

    The latter two are going strong. As I said, the former has slowed down a bit. I love it...and the thing that motivates me is the sense of satisfaction I get after posting an entry...the sense of completion and of the knowledge that I have documented my thoughts at that point. I have alot of followers on my fashion blog so that helps keep me motivated but the movie review blog gets no attention, that I know of, and I still love posting to it. So go figure! I definitely love the idea of 'organizing my thoughts' and I think it helps me stay focused. :)
  13. SayCici

    SayCici Practically Family


    I initially started it because I wanted to open an Etsy shop selling some kind of craft and most sellers recommend having one. It quickly evolved into being about vintage clothing and style, but I've also started talking about music (oldies) and I update with my sewing projects and stuff.

    Talking about vintage or posting outfit photos is so much easier for me to write about than something more personal.. I know, clothes/style can be personal, but I have a livejournal and it never gets updated for a reason.

    For me it is more of an outlet. Before I started blogging I read blogs like Solanah's and Casey's which really inspired me to connect to other people that liked the same thing.
  14. Mine is in my siggy below. I have mine to update my followers on my etsy shop.
    I also love keeping tabs on my fellow vintagae friends like Fleur, Inky, MaryDelux, etc.

    Oh, and as always....if you are a FL gal, follow me and I will follow you!
  15. Sickofitcindy

    Sickofitcindy One of the Regulars

    I blog erratically. It's feast or famine though. I got my first follower this week! Woo hoo! Basically I just blog about sewing projects.

    Amy Jeanne, I "follow" your blog so I won't miss any of your wonderful creations.
  16. We need your link so we can follow you too!
  17. miss_elise

    miss_elise Practically Family

    i blog... I actually have two...

    one is below which i started when I discovered Mrs Beeton hiding in the back of my mother's recipe book cupboard. so it's about old timey food and running your household and etc.

    the other is just pictures of coffees that i have, which i can't imagine being interesting to anyone, but i have two followers on that one so [huh]
  18. Mine's in my sig too!

    Why did you start your blog?
    My good friend Alex had one and I used it to keep track of her doings, and I used to do one on a site that I was no longer a member of, so I decided to start a Blogspot one in May 2008.

    How did you decide on a topic, find your niche?
    My topic is the one that occupies most of my time (and the reason for me being here on the FL) - vintage! It started with just general chatter about my life, my latest modelling pictures (I'm horrible at updating my main site), candid shots of events I wore vintage to and my shopping wishlists and stuff. As time went on, people expressed an interest in me posting outfit shots, so I added those, and started to do articles (which I sometimes submit to other sites) and shopping guides etc. But all within the general vintage niche.

    Are you motivated to maintain your blog, why?
    If I wasn't before, I am now! I used to blog about once a week, maybe even once every 10 days, but now I post about every 2 days or so. Or rather I did, before I finished my office job last week, now I don't know if I'll have time! But reading so many others' inspiring blogs full of fab pictures, sewing, events etc motivates me. I now have over 1,000 subscribers (according to Feedburner) and over 1,000 people read my blog every day (according to Statcounter) and I don't want to disappoint any of them. I get fantastic emails from people all over the world, one lady discovered my blog while in the depths of depression and grief after her mother died, and she emailed me just this Wednesday to say I inspired her to rise above it, get back into her vintage knitting (which her mother taught her and had discarded for obvious reasons) and get back out to vintage events and enjoy herself again. I mean if that doesn't make it all worthwhile I dunno what does.

    Have you found your blog to be an outlet or a way to stay passionate?
    A way to stay passionate mostly, and inspire others to be passionate about vintage. :)

    Sorry, that was long!
  19. LisaFreemontSt

    LisaFreemontSt One of the Regulars

    I absolutely LOVE your blog, Fleur!
  20. Emer

    Emer One of the Regulars


    Originally my blog was called Circa 1952, but I felt it limited me too much to just vintage topics. Now I blog about everything going on in our lives from the military, DIY projects, living on a budget, vintage stuff, trips we take, anything! I have a small following, which I love and I write just about every few days. I've had weeks that are so busy and exciting (to me lol) I write posts everyday.

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