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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Spitfire, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. carouselvic

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    GD's #1 & #3 along with my favorite grandson
  2. Last year's "Downton Abbey-Inspired High Tea" fund raising event for our church's cancer care/wig room.

    Lady Cairo, the Miss Cairos, Lady Merkle (niece sans chapeau), Lady Whittingham (niece avec chapeau) and the Lady Dowager Buchan...

  3. Ladies Olivia and Jessica, Downton Abbey Tea, Knox Church, Stratford Ontario - May 2016.

  4. I come from a long line of hat men. The fellow on the far left is my great grandfather, along with his seven brothers. Not pictured are his five sisters.

  5. ID lineup at Easter last year - two nephews and two daughters

  6. For her eighth birthday last year, our youngest daughter, Ailsa, wanted a cake with mermaids, one that looked like her (dark brown hair) and one like her best friend, Heather (ginger haired).

    Our cake lady (yes - we have a cake lady) created this, using two doll uppers.

    Our wee one was freaked out, and said it looked like "Chucky getting married" (how she became familiar with the demonic doll Chucky is beyond us).

    Was this too freaky? o_O

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  7. Our eldest, Sinead, at the Maplelea Doll Tea, with "Taryn":

  8. Took Lily to our community egg hunt this past weekend. This photo was the best part of the day.

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  9. ⇧ great picture. And as someone who has donned the Easter Bunny costume, it appears that bunny either didn't have or didn't use the little furry covering for the shoes (or sneakers) that the costume I used had.
  10. My Lily with her older sister, some years back.

  11. This was one of two Easter Bunnies at the event. The other was wearing the costume feet.

    I'm glad I got Easter photo of Lily, because yesterday she fell on the way to school. Scraped her forehead, upper lip, nose, both hands, both knees, and knocked out a somewhat loose upper tooth. Poor baby!

  12. I'm sorry to hear of Lily's injuries, but her smile still lights up the room! The abrasion on her nose looks superficial, but if you're concerned a light application of Neosporin ointment should help it heal and keep it from scarring.
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  13. All part of growing up and toughening up - and lucky she has you there for her.

    Best for a speedy recovery from her bumps and bruises - some Easter Candy will probably help at least make her feel better.
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  14. Exactly what we have been doing! I bought the Neosporin with pain relief & scar reduction. :) She doesn't like it, but I can guarantee she would like a scar less.
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  15. Kids at school were really unkind to her - telling her that her face was going to stay like that forever. She was freaked out, so Hubby had her stay home with him yesterday for an emotional health day. They played Legos and ate popsicles.

    I've let her teacher know about the comments Lily received from her classmates so that she can address the bullying (that's what it is) and help Lily work through the emotions she is feeling.

    (Lily told me she isn't cute anymore. Broke my heart. Reassured her she is cute, she has a kind heart, and a brave spirit. And that the kid was wrong to say what he did. Her face will heal.)
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  16. Sadly but consistently throughout time, some kids can be absolutely brutal. I'll just repeat and add - she's lucky she has you and her dad there for her.
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  17. Wow, when I was a kid, things like that were a badge of honor. You went around showing them off in a "oh yeah, well check this out..." kind of way. Tell her to use the old "you should see the other guy" or the "that shark won't be bothering anyone else" lines.
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  18. We thought of that approach, but we just had a massive lying incident (including her making a gesture with her middle finger at a classmate and denying it!), and don't want to condone her lying about this.
  19. That certainly makes sense. And I know you don't condone the middle finger, and I certainly don't know the details of the incident, but deep down, aren't you a little proud that she had the guts to tell someone exactly what she thought?
  20. She didn't know what it meant. She saw another student do it, knew it was naughty, and decided to try it out. Someone else saw it, and reported it to the teacher. When she got home, Hubby explained in detail what it meant (using "adult words" to describe), why it is used, and that it is very rude. She was horrified.

    The lying part was she said the student she saw make the gesture had physically put her hand in that particular position, and it wasn't true. She threw him under the bus to save her own butt. Her conscience got the better of her, and she tearfully confessed to the lie. It's a good thing, too... she'd convinced me that the kid had done it, and I was ready to take on her teacher to defend my kid. As I work in the same school district, well, things would have not been good for me if I'd continued the lie. Ethics and all that. :(

    She ended up having to write "I will not lie. I will always tell the truth." 100x. Took her 4 days of her afterschool play time. Her arm hurt from writing so much. By day 3 she wanted to quit, but she was told to finish the task. She did. And we've not had an issue since.

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