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Feathers in your hatbands?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by McPeppers, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. McPeppers

    McPeppers One of the Regulars

    What is the general opinion of everyone here on having the nice little tri-feather attached to the band?

    I actually like it...reminds me of the Big-Band era of Swing hehe
  2. Shaul-Ike Cohen

    Shaul-Ike Cohen One Too Many

    Don't like them. Except on Alpine hats, which I don't wear.
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  3. Strider

    Strider One of the Regulars

    Just ain't my cup of tea.
  4. NOPE

    I think feathers make a good looking hat look goofy.
  5. I am also not a feather fan.
    On my first hat, i bent the feather back so just the side edge poked up out of a fold in the fabric band. On my second one, i just removed it completely.
  6. SinatraStyle

    SinatraStyle A-List Customer

    It may work on some hats, but I personally don't wear feathers in my hats. It feels a bit "costumy" to me. I guess the exception may be going for the swing/zoot suit look, but I don't dress in zoot suits...once again, too costumy for me. It doesn't fit my personality.
  7. ledsled

    ledsled One of the Regulars

    No feathers for me

    Thus far I have avoided buying a hat with feathers. If I did, I know I'd remove it and somehow that would take away from the "original" aspect of the hat. I know that thought is over the top, and I should not even give it passing consideration, but I have to admit that's the way my mind works!
  8. jml90

    jml90 One of the Regulars

    Don't like them, a little to pimpish for me.
  9. McPeppers

    McPeppers One of the Regulars

    Heh, thanks for the swift responses. I was just wondering because one of my fedoras was dedicated to the brief Swing revival here in New Orleans and since that died off didnt know if it needed to be "saved" heh.

    Well I like the feathers (never said they had to be on the hat) so looks like they are gonna be retired to "decorative item" and put on my wall clock XD
  10. budward

    budward One of the Regulars

    No feathers.

    except on my boa.
  11. McPeppers

    McPeppers One of the Regulars

    The feather has just been retired... well at least until the next swing revival :p
  12. Steve

    Steve Practically Family

    I think a conservative feather can compliment a hat to a certain extent, but that's just me.
  13. The Duke

    The Duke One of the Regulars

    Yeah, I actually prefer a feather it does compliment the hats I have.
  14. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    well I like feathers!

    They add that needed touch of color.
  15. I'm in the minority, but I like them. Every hat I own other than an Open Road or Stratoliner has a feather. I pick them for color complements, and I think they make a great accent.

    Each to their own, but wherever you see me wearing a fedora, it probably will have a jaunty feather in the band! :D :D :D
  16. Strider

    Strider One of the Regulars

    I don't think they look BAD. They just aren't my thing. [huh]
  17. I tried stuffing a whole sparrow in the ribbon once-boy, was he mad...
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  18. I wear my Open Roads with the Cattleman's crease. I know some cowboys that wear big old turkey or hawk feathers, but not the sutble little ones on their hats.

    Hell, I'm still trying to find a couple of Resistol pins. Any one know where to get any?
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  19. I wasn't too sure what I thought of feathers -- thought the big ones were hokey, the smalls ones pretty -- until I read the history of hat feathers.

    Seems a feather was given to a soldier or warrior or hunter as a token of bravery, or as a reward. Feathers were also used to define military regiments. A man might be given a feather as a gift of honor in days of old.

    Guess that is where the phrase "a feather in his cap." meaning an honor or reward, came from.

    I like the little colorful feathers and will keep them on the fedora. A big one, cowboy or fedora, gets removed and put somewhere else. I like a little color but do not need to define my regiment.

  20. Feathers can be attractive, if they are subtle.

    Like this little 60's vintage, (I think) hat I found today from Richman Bros. A very subtle touch of color that I wouldn't mind really.

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