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Fidelity peacoat?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by dep126, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. dep126

    dep126 New in Town

    Just curious what the verdict is on these in terms of fit and quality. See lots reviews on the sterlingwear coats but not much on these. Would you rate them as equal to a new sterlingwear coat? Anyone own one who would care to comment. Thanks a lot.
  2. My daughter has the lighter-weight (22oz wool blend) ladies model, and has worn it daily through three winters. Aside from needing a couple of buttons resewn, it's held up great. And I examined and tried on a few of the heavier (32oz wool blend) mens models a couple of years ago. For comparison purposes, I have a Sterlingwear "Classic" model (also 32oz).

    I was quite impressed with the Fidelity coats. They are just a hair less refined than the Sterlingwears, and seem nearly as well-made. My daughter loves hers. And yes, they're still made in the USA! (Check out their wholesale site at https://www.fidelitysportswear.biz/Default.aspx)

    Anyway, I think they're definitely good coats, and an outstanding value for $100 (for the classic 10-button 32oz model) at:

  3. Never had the opportunity to see one in person.

    The best peacoats out there are the pre 1980 USN issued ones. And they can be had for less than the these
    (Bought my daughter one on eBay a few months ago for 45$.) ........so not something I have ever had the urge to look into.
  4. CC-1

    CC-1 Familiar Face

    Hi Dep,
    The big draw with the Sterlingwear is simply that they make the ones for the Navy. All the other "official" manufacturers are gone. You would have to go vintage.
    There are a lot of real nice pea coats you can get including Schott, Fidelity, Spiewak (Golden Fleece and Excalibur), etc. Heck you can get a beauty from Burberry, Aquascutum or Jaeger if you want to pay the price. What's the criteria?
  5. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Fidelity is one of the big three manufacturers of civilian peacoats, along with Sterlingwear and Schott. Sterlingwear, of course makes the current issue Navy peacoat.

    If you want a civilian peacoat, Fidelity would be a good choice. My Fidelity fits like a sack, compared to the vintage issue peacoats. I probably got a size too large, though. Fortunately, I can still wear the military trim fit garments, so just about any civilian copy is going to feel like a sack.
  6. dep126

    dep126 New in Town

    Thanks for all the replies. My criteria is a nice coat that gonna last for awhile :). I'm not totally against some of the other makers but I like the idea of a made in America product and some of the designer models seem to be on the thin side. The Schott is nice but seems a bit expensive. I want something that's going to be as warm as possible. Those of you from Minnesota will certainly understand. I like the idea of vintage but finding any around here has proven to be difficult. is really like to try one on but even the surplus stores have a really limited selection. might just have to bite the bullet and place an order.
  7. Vintage Pre-1980 peacoat.

    Vintage pre-1980 peacoat.

    Vintage Pre-1980 peacoat.

    Vintage pre-1980 peacoat.

  8. Sorry but . . . .

    I know this is totally :eek:fftopic: , but I keep thinking Fidelity Peacoat would make a great name for Dr Who's next pretty girl sidekick in his next incarnation. Sorry . . . really . . . . [huh] :p :eek:
  9. Spoonbelly

    Spoonbelly One of the Regulars

    Craigslist, and Vintagetrends.com also. If you have a fairly common size (38, 40) there are many of the old blue ones out there.

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