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Fighter Squadron/Group question...

Discussion in 'WWII' started by DanielJones, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. In the image below from the movie Pearl Harbor there is a patch on Josh Hartnett's jacket. Does anyone have an idea of what the fighter group or squadron is for that patch? Also would you have a better image of the patch?


    It's also on the jacket of the actor on the right in this image.

    I know the one that Alec Baldwin sports is the Wright Field patch.

    So if any of our historians has any info as to wether this is a real patch they have or not and what the squadron/groups I would be most greatful.
    Thank you for your help with this and have a great Holiday Season!


  2. Try to contact Eastmann Leather in UK. They made the jackets - they also make squadron patches. They should know. Hopefully.
    Gerry Eastmann is a swell guy, and will help you if he knows at all.
  3. 18th Fighter Group

    Same is the 18th Fighter Group. They were at Pearl during the attack and one of their lead squadrons was the 44th Fighter Squadron known as the Vampire Squadron. The 18th Fighter group became one of the premier fighter groups with the 13th "Jungle" Air Force in 1943. The squadrons of the 18th, when it was with the 13th AF, was the 12th, 44th, and 70th fighter squadrons. Unlike what the movie shows, they were not part of Doolittle's Raid. My father was with XIII Fighter Command and had a lot of dealings with the 18th Fighter Group.

    Gray Ghost
  4. The 44th Squadron was at Bellows during the attack and I believe got 3 fighters off the ground but were soon shot down. They had transition to Bellows to do gunnery training on that Monday.

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    Motto translation for the peanut gallery? [huh]
  7. Outstanding!

    Cool!:eusa_clap Thanks a bunch y'all, this is fantastic. Thank you for the history G.G. and thank you for the clear image D.C., this is greatly appreciated. Have a Happy Holiday Season!:) :)


  8. As it states above: "With Talons and Beak";)


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    Is rostro the word for beak?

    I gotta learn more than just Latin taglines.
  10. I knew that my 13th AF knowledge would come in handy on this board sooner or later. Glad I could help.

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    I gotta learn more than just Latin taglines.[/QUOTE]

    "De Oppresso Liber,"
    trans: To Free the Oppressed

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    Well, yeah, that's a tagline I know.

    Mutatis mutandi. The Sempers. Sic semper tyrannus. Dulce et decorum est. Quis custodiat ipso custodies. Much of the legal latin, some bio/science/medical.

    But that's just rote memorization. Dumb ol modern public schools... :mad:

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    Well I wasn't going to type out the whole thing. ;)
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  18. The Latin Duel

    Since we are slinging Latin about, I'll put my two denarius in.

    "In vino veritas.

    Age quod agis.

    Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego.

    Iuventus stultorum magister.

    In pace requiescat."

    Thanks again on the heads-up & images.



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