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First Aero!!! Battered Tan Teamster

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by GW KY, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Why would you want to shorten sleeves on the Hwymn..?? I'd just add 1 1/2" to body length and keep everything else the same to match the teamster's perfection.
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  2. I've never had a new jacket stretch ( what do you think would make it stretch or lengthen ). Just the opposite..it will slightly shorten when molding to your body or wrinkling with wear. Weather can also cause it to shrink somewhat.
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  3. nick123

    nick123 I'll Lock Up

    It's the jeans, and it's short but not too short. Look at the back. It would look silly any longer!
  4. GW KY

    GW KY Familiar Face

    After wearing all weekend, I realized how heavy this leather is. If this is gonna be my "warmer weather jacket", wondering if I should go vicenza cordovan. Really want to wear it with t shirts and light button downs. Teamster w corduroy is my winter wear.

    Just want to make sure the vicenza still has a great look, not too light.

    Gonna ask carrie about length before finalizing custom order
  5. Fanch

    Fanch I'll Lock Up

    First of all I would carefully process everything through Carrie regarding sizing. The fit HWM sleeves look fine to me; the only question mark for me is the body length, which is the main issue to discuss with Carrie. I'm unsure whether the fit HWM with a 26" back length doesn't cover your belt because of a long torso, low rise jeans, or a combination of both.

    Thurston loves zippers on the hand warmer pockets which, in my experience, abrades the **** out of my wrists. For the HWM consider a 2" corduroy strip at the bottom hem to protect the part of the lining at the D-rings. Regarding sleeves, your options are standard HWM sleeves with or without storm cuffs, zip sleeves in the back, or button cuffs. Personally I don't like storm cuffs, but that's just me.
  6. GW KY

    GW KY Familiar Face

    Ok, talked w Carrie for the 20th time:

    Gonna do highwayman vicenza in dark seal.
    Olive cotton sateen lining
    no storm cuffs, standard sleeve
    add 1/4 inch to length
    take off 1/4 inch to sleeves
    one non closure inner pocket

    This will give me the warmer weather, comfortable, classic leather coat look to contrast the teamster. I want the dark brown to go with jeans and khakis, but not the purple that really shows in the sun of the cordovan.

    The cxl was just a bit too heavy after wearing it all weekend. I picture more of wearing a t shirt and throwing on a brown leather coat almost year round. As much as I would love to show off how heavy my leather is, I just don't think i would 100% happy long term with the fit coat.

    Fingers crossed, I think I will end up with the perfect two jacket combo that I pictured when I started this process.
    Thanks for all the help and input, great group of people on here.
  7. Woodyear

    Woodyear Familiar Face

    Length is perfect, guys around here tend to like jacket length and sleeve length a bit long and frumpy. Highwayman is meant to be a shorter jacket, I have a size 38 highwayman with a 24" back length and at 5'11 it hits just to the bottom of my belt. I also have longer legs than most but with 26" back length i'm sure that hits anyone's waist who's under 6'2 or so. Your jeans are just sitting low that's all, and even still it looks fine with the belt showing. Sleeves are also a good length, I wouldn't mess with them too much if I were you personally.
  8. GW KY

    GW KY Familiar Face

    Just a 1/4 inch each, they are about perfect, thanks for the feedback
  9. Well..at least you have an excellent fitting Teamster.
  10. Don Tomaso

    Don Tomaso A-List Customer

    I would also say that the HWM, contrary to jackets like the Teamster or the Long Halfbelt, should be worn a bit shorter. It's more of a young man's fit.
  11. Gav

    Gav A-List Customer

    I wouldn’t add any length to that hwm - it’s a good fit.

    Am I the only one who thinks the teamster looks odd at the armpits - is it just big arm holes? Something I can’t stand personally.
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  12. GW KY

    GW KY Familiar Face

    I hope a 1/4 inch doesn't compromise the length or sleeves. My Teamster is 25.5 sleeves, so 26 should be fine w highwayman.
    The jacket length isn't that short(although I want it waist level for sure) the pants were hanging low.
    I think it should be very nice...
  13. GW KY

    GW KY Familiar Face

    I got the 40 in teamster, so a touch wider under arm, but not too much. I hate baggy underarms as well.
  14. GW KY

    GW KY Familiar Face

    It's perfect! I could literally sleep in this jacket, vicenza so soft and color changes every time it hits light. Fit is spot on for me.
    Bravo to Carrie and all the homeys on fl that helped me out.
    Already planning next one.....

    Pics to follow when I can shrink em enough
  15. ProteinNerd

    ProteinNerd Call Me a Cab

    The lower armholes are better for layering, so they are perfect for winter jackets.
  16. GW KY

    GW KY Familiar Face

    20180112_164420.jpg 20180112_164432.jpg 20180112_164405.jpg
    20180112_164420.jpg 20180112_164432.jpg 20180112_164432.jpg
  17. dubpynchon

    dubpynchon One of the Regulars

    Perfect fit, that’s the way I like mine to fit, with room for a shirt or light sweater.
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  18. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat One of the Regulars

  19. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat One of the Regulars

    Greetings All: Double ditto what he^ said!!
    Hell Yeah!!
    Be well. Bowen
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  20. seres

    seres One of the Regulars

    WOW! That is one nice Highwayman. Vicenza makes a great jacket.

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