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First Dates

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by IsaacRN, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. LoveMyHats2

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    Humor is a good way to say "hello"...I don't think a "guide" is worth thinking of, as it is only an "opinion" of the person whom wrote it, and how would you know that they had any success following their own words?

    I had a small sort of like stuffed animal that was a lizard. It was green with black looking scales on it, and had two small shiny eyes. In total it was maybe 4 inches long. I would carry that in my pocket, and to have a bit of wicked humor, well, I would ask a Gal if she wanted to "check out my pocket lizard"...and just as the Gal would about go ballistic, I would pull out the little stuff animal lizard and with a smile, say, " here ya go"....it normally would make a Gal laugh, they would make comments about things, and I met a lot of fun Gals with that lil pocket lizard. Humor works, try it, no one ever gets too mad at someone being funny.
  2. 59Lark

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    I have been trying to find a forum on dating anew but this is the nearest one I could find. I am now getting single after 28 yrs and I interested in going out and meeting members of the opposite sex, its seems rushing it but my marriage has been like being a monk for far too long and while I have no interest in rushing into anything, I sure would like to dance with a few pretty ladies and spice up my weekends. If this seems scandalous so be it, my problem is I hang around with too many Mennonites , and we live bound to a moral code from a different age and even then was it real or a fa├žade. I WAS shopping with my girls on sat and I told them that I want to doll up my wardrobe , get my overcoat dry cleaned and my double breasted black pinstripe suit cleaned and order a new fedora. Their first query was who was on the verge of dying, that's not good. We were at Marshalls dept store and they bought me new hankerchiefs and a wool scarf and a pair of nice leather gloves. its appears most singles today go on line and meet up that way but there is still a singles dance in the nearest large city at the legion in two weeks, I am considering it, 59 lark
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  3. If you're interested in going dancing, a class might be a good place to start. Good way of meeting potential dance partners in an easy environment where there's more opportunity to converse than perhaps at an actual dance, opportunity to go for cofe or whatevs aterwards, or, if you meet somebody you'd lke to take dancing, a good in to invite them to a dance, given you knoe from the off you have that in common.
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    I am wondering aloud if the cyber age has destroyed the tradition singles dance, but again I had no grand designs , I really don't want to walk into any serious relations for a while , after the aftermath of that train wreck. I made fun of several fellas that seems to have a mid life crisis and go through several relationships before finally finding one . That seemed unlikely with the one I had with my wife where she seemed so dependent on me , to driver her, and help her, I have no idea where this independent but still not willing to pull her share person came from , guess it was hiding inside for 3 decades waiting to emerge. the dance is not this weekend but next , we will see what the cards have to see and play out next week and of course our Canadian winters will have a factor too, if it snows I wont be driving that far. 59lark

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