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First Panama Day of the Year!

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Kaleponi Craig, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Today it's a gorgeous 70 degrees in the SF Bay Area. I donned my Panama for the first time since October. It sure felt good!...KC
  2. You too eh? I've had a few days up on you though. I started wearing mine on Sunday. ;) :D
  3. You guys are going to get into trouble.:D
  4. I certainly hope they get in trouble. I had to put on my old western beater to shovel the driveway this evening. Sheesh !!!
  5. No trouble at all. I am donning it now to leave the office and cavort in the decent weather. Did I mention I hate snow? ;) :p
  6. Jealous. :p
  7. You lucky dog!!!:D
    I have worn mine... but not because the weather was right.
  8. Yohanes

    Yohanes One of the Regulars

    Although Indonesia is a tropical country, since early this year we've been experiencing very heavy rain and wind, until today. That's why I postpone my plan to search for straw fedora... this foul weather would ruin it in a matter of seconds!
  9. DblCoronaMS

    DblCoronaMS One of the Regulars

    It's rainy today but Spring is right around the corner! We just went through a week or more of Panama weather. Unfortunately, my Montecristi was vacationing in Oregon with a certain semi-well known hatter who's initials are Art Fawcett.

    The important thing is that it's back and looks great. I might have to visit Art and see what he can do with me!
  10. Samsa

    Samsa Guest

    I wish I could wear mine, but it's currently 20 degrees out. At least that's warmer than the 3 degree day we had over the weekend.:mad:
  11. HungaryTom

    HungaryTom One Too Many


    Could you kindly post some photos if I may ask????

    This request coming from a panama hat photo addict...:D


  12. Tom, this was from the San Francisco Ukulele Festival, held last September. This was my first serious Panama from Paul's Hat Works in San Francisco...


  13. Now that is what I call living!!!! :eusa_clap
  14. No pics?!:D
  15. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I can't wait to wear my newly acquired panama.....:D
  16. HungaryTom

    HungaryTom One Too Many

    :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap

    Very nice photo - Panama jam session with Hawaii (?) shirt and RayBan...:)
  17. I'm waiting for Panama hat (and Hawaiian shirt) weather as well. Especially after yesterday's ice storm. :(
  18. tandmark

    tandmark One of the Regulars


    San Francisco weather and Seattle weather tend to be roughly similar. Not this year, apparently! It's still too cold & wet for Panamas & other straws up here in Seattle.

    This weekend though, it'll finally stretch to 60F/15C. I'll break a couple of straws out of storage just to celebrate the approach of spring. One of them I bought last year on eBay from Mrs. PanamaBob. It lacks the greatness of a true PanamaBob, perhaps, but at least I know it's not a fake Panama made in China or some such place.

  19. Lon Goval

    Lon Goval Familiar Face

    It's always Hawaiian Shirt weather as far as I'm concerned. Sometimes an undershirt is needed, but I always wear Hawaiian shirts except when a band uniform shirt is required, or a Long Sleeve and Coat are needed.

    Kaleponi Craig - ALOHA - Nice to see a Ukelele player here. I'm a "slack-head", sometimes referred to as a "slacker". Ki Ho'alu is my musical passion at this time. And I always wear a Fedora when playing.

  20. Got my 50s Dobbs gray milan on today. Here's a picture: :fedora:

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