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Flying boots

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Spitfire, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. What colour RAF Flying boots???

    I am talking about the 1936 pattern RAF Flying Boots.
    Aero claims to be white - but looks brown (same colour as the Irvin)
    Even seen pictures of Paddys Flying boots. The sheepskin looked brown too.
    Isn't white sheepskin the true colour?
  2. 1936 pattern boots

    I have seen some variation between different examples and some have probably become darker with age, but the sheepskin used in all RAF flying boots is cream or off-white. I suppose it's tempting to assume that it would be gold or brown like RAF sheepskin jackets, but that is caused by the effect of the tanning process used on jackets. I have a pair of Aero repros and I would described them as 'cream', nowhere near brown and nothing like a sheepskin jacket. When compared to originals, they aren't far out in terms of lining colour. The seams are another matter...
  3. "Doc" Devereux

    "Doc" Devereux One Too Many

    How so?
  4. [QUOTE="Doc" Devereux]How so?[/QUOTE]
    Yes Allan - please tell.
  5. 1936 Pattern Boots

    All the original 1936 pattern boots I have been able to examine have a particular configuration of seam on the vamp and counter called a flat seam. The Aero repros (and the defunct Eastman boots) have a lapped seam. It's no big thing, and I suppose I notice these things more than most as I come from a 'shoe town'.

    I remember discussing it with Aero's proprietor when they were trying to get the boots made again and the reason given for not going for the flat seams was, understandably, cost. The Aero boots are fine and very well made, but to me the flat seams 'make the boot' in terms of looks and authenticity and would be a lot more comfortable to most wearers.

    Just my opinion.

  6. 1936 Pattern Boots

    Here is a shot of the inside of a pair of originals to show the colour:
    ...and another including the label
    ...and another showing the flat seam ('saddle stitching') on the vamp
    Compare it with the photo on the Aero Leather website for a better explanation than I can give! Let me say again, the Aero boots are excellent at the price -they just lack this feature. I think the pair on the website have darker sheepskin than some examples I have seen.
  7. NICE!

    Thanks Alan.
    Nice pair of boots!
  8. Replicaters in India and RAF flying boots

    Anybody know anything on the quality of Replicaters RAF 1936 and 1939 Pattern Flying Boots?
    They show some very nice pictures - but how about the quality???


    The company and their quality was mentioned in another post in "Jackets".
    But nothing on Flying Boots....just wondering?
  9. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up


    I would post this over at the RAF reenactors forum...


    also email Sanjay and ask some questions and for some more photos, he is very polite and responsive to emails. Also check who is making them for him, he's a trained tailor not a bootmaker, so somebody else will be doing it for him.


  10. Thanks Smithy, I will try that too. Just hoped somebody here had had any experience with boots.

    Anyway - I really like the 1939 pattern allthough I know that to some it's the 1936 that's the real stuff. Just like the spitfire versus the Hurricane, eh?
    But I have seen so many photos of pilots with 39 pattern during BoB. Albert Lewis among others.:)
    What do you all think, which boots are the true RAF flying boots?
  11. PADDY

    PADDY I'll Lock Up Bartender

    1936 All leather RAF Flying boots...

    The 36'ers would be the most common, and photos of the period for the BoB (summer to late 1940) would substantiate that. Also, they tended to be more popular than the Canvas upper later versions of 39 due to comfort and breathability issues (Dear knows where I dug this info from in the dungeons of my head, but it's there and I've read and spoken to folk about this & the mertis on the RAF/Commonwealth forum in the past). Having said that...I personally like the leather/canvas combo from and aesthetic angle.
  12. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Paddy's right Spitty the '36 Patterns are the quintessential RAF flying boot of the first year or two of the war. There's nothing wrong with your '36 pair you sent me pics of, very nice looking and just the thing for icy Scandinavian days.

    Like the moustache in your avatar Paddy, suits you!
  13. Thanks, Paddy. I've read somewhere that if the canvas was damp or weat, the -39 pattern boots froze up in high altitude. And became very cold.
    This did not happen with the -36 all leather boots.
  14. skbellis

    skbellis One of the Regulars

    Don't buy Sanjay's Boots

    No offense to Sanjay at Replicators, but he cannot get his boots correct. My friend Mike Bollow, who owns Quartermaster Militaria, made several attempts to have 1939 Pattern boots reproduced by Replicators. He kept making them with very square toes. Mike eventually gave up. SO...be warned, the boots may not be what you are looking for.

  15. Thank you Scott. You gave me just what I asked for: A fair and square answere.
    And welcome to the Lounge.
  16. griffer

    griffer Practically Family

    On the subject, I dealt with Sanjay once via email, and did not end up purchasing from him.

    I found him difficult to work with and was unsure about the quality of his work. His website references photos that aren't of his work and sometimes aren't even accurate replicas.

    My question is, boots aside, how is with uniform tailoring? Is he worth the cost and trouble? Are his pieces accurate?

    And if there is another thread discussing this, please point me to it, as I didn't see it.
  17. skbellis

    skbellis One of the Regulars

    More on Sanjay

    Thank you for the welcome to the lounge. In regards to Sanjay's uniforms my answer (from personal experience) is that it is hit and miss. His Khaki Drill uniforms have been really top notch. Great patterns, material and tailoring. However, some of his wool pieces, I have not been too thrilled with. He does the best he can with the material he can acquire, but the material is not always the best. For example I have seen his British Battledress (P40, Austerity Pattern). While the uniform looks correct, the material is more of a melton and not a serge. The trousers seem to start "pilling" up after awhile. Sorry I couldn't be more definite, but I guess it is actually sort of a "You're mileage may vary" type situation with him.

  18. Obviously it's very hard to find a nice pair of flyingboots these days.:rolleyes:
  19. Windsock

    Windsock A-List Customer

    I have been having discussions lately with an ex RAAF Beaufighter Pilot from 455 Sqn (Coastal Command, shipping in Norway) served in the mid to late 40's re: kit. They never used 36'ers only 39'ers. They also never used Irvins, helmets or O2 masks as they operated at the deck level and the A/C had great aircon and heating.
  20. OK - I just ordered a pair of Aero 1936 pattern Flying Boots.:) :) :)
    Can't wait now...

    Slightly :eek:fftopic: If anybody is looking for a pair in size 11 - I have them. They are cheap - and since I use size 13 - almost never used[huh]
    (See picture in Classified)

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