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For Fountain Pens: Pen Wipers

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by John in Covina, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Way back when, when dinosaurs ruled the earth! Actually when Fountain Pens Ruled the Earth there was the handy little "Pen Wiper" which was either a cover about half the width of matchbook but a little longer with one or more sheets of very soft and absorbent paper. You used these sheets to tidy up the excess ink on the nib and section from filling with the bottle. Generally it was a gift from the pen shop when you bought a new pen or was a novelty item sold at tourist places as a trip souvenir.

    One of our local club members in the SCPCC (Southern California Pen Collectors Club) has a great big book filled with these and they are pretty neat. Here is something that was pretty common place 50 or more years ago and I will bet few have ever seen one.
  2. Lamy Ink in the Bottle

    If you ever purchase a bottle of the LAMY Ink in the bottle, it has a dispenser with a roll of pen wiper paper built into the bottle! A Very tidy idea!

    What was once Old is New again.
  3. Cool! And I always just had a tissue handy for the pen when filling it with ink.
  4. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member


    Cool. Had no idea there was such a thing.

  5. Yes, Kleenex-type tissues sometimes leave tiny fuzzies around the pen nib. Hate that. I was using Bausch and Lomb eyeglass lens wiping papers which come in little matchbook-type books.

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