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free insulin pump supplies

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by freebird, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. freebird

    freebird Practically Family

    I have 2 full boxes of reservoirs,1 partial box of sets and numerous boxes of lancets to give away to someone who may need them. These fit the minimed paradigm 512 only. All I ask is that you pay shipping costs. If no-one wants them after 2 days, I will post them on the insulin pumpers mailing list. However, since the folks here at FL have been so good to me, I thought I'd give you all first shot at them.
  2. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    I've been thinking about a pump for years. Come that time, I may have to pick your brain.
  3. freebird

    freebird Practically Family

    I will helpany way I can. I'm on my second pump, got the first one, the minimed 512 in 2002, it was under warranty for 5 years, and was replaceda few times, mainly due to my working conditions at the time. (Pumps don't like static electircity, or huge amounts of it rather). I got the Disetronic Spirit a week ago Monday, and had my training on Thursday. So far so good, was worried about the differance in the systems, but I shouldn't have been.

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