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Free Range Parenting?

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by LizzieMaine, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain One Too Many

    How did I miss this thread? I walked to school, both grade school (two blocks away) and junior high school (two blocks further on up the street). For grade school I actually came home for lunch. Don't remember about junior high school. Anyway, I was basically a free range boy but my mother was an invalid, so it was really a case of no real supervision one way or the other. I don't remember ever being injured when playing, riding bikes or whatnot but I got hurt in fights a lot. These days that's a "federal case." But I never really got out of the habit of roaming far from home. I've never hiked the Appalachian Trail end to end but it's too late for that now.

    We (my friends and I) were warned about strangers and there were times I felt very uncomfortable around strangers, like in the library or in the changing room at the city swimming pool. If I was visiting with a friend at his house and was there after dark, his mother would tell me to "turn the back porch light on when I got home." The back door of our house was just about visible from their house and that way they could be assured that I got home safely.

    We see a fair number of kids out where I live now but we live in one of those suburban neighborhoods that somehow seem a lot more crowded and cramped than where I grew up. I think the lots are smaller and there are more woods. I don't recall my son doing much running around after he started school but he never had a "gang" of friends in the neighborhood the way I did when I was his age. But he was close to some of his cousins, same as I was. Curiously, he lives on the other side of the country now.

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