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Gentlemen- Share items you've (or your S.O.) made with the ladies!

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by sheeplady, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. I created this thread so that gentlemen could share their creations that are of interest to the ladies.

    Gentlemen are also welcome to post their female significant other's (who do not have fedora lounge accounts) creations that they would like to share.

    Things such as knitting, crochet, sewing, cobbling, etc. items that ladies may be interested in, including but not limited to: ladies fashion and accessories, children's clothing and accessories, home items, etc.
  2. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sheeplady, thank you for creating this thread, I know your motivation. So, to surprise you, and many others, back in 2007 my wife and I went to a charity new year's event that raised money for a cause close to our hearts. This event had a golden era theme to it, in that partygoers were invited to dress as a Hollywood star of the silver screen era. We had a long think about it before I decided to go as James Stewart, in his role of Glenn Miller. It wasn't too difficult, I had the uniform, found a good pair of spectacles similar to the one's worn by Stewart in the movie and decided to ham up Stewart's accent. I am not in the least bit musical so no trombone, even as a prop.

    My wife hit on a gem of an idea. the Andrews Sisters are known as a trio but few really know them as individuals in that it would be easy to recognise one from the other. Apart, of course, the oficianados. This being 2007, and Christina Aguilera had performed a tribute to the Andrews Sisters with a song called 'Candyman' my wife hit on the idea of going as said Christina Aguilera. She went down a storm, despite her reservations about being too old. She made the Candyman uniform, I sourced the cap and made one of the two skirts that she wore.

    Two skirts? Well, the event did have a burlesque act, so her idea was for us to dance together, and whilst dancing, I would unbutton her tunic. If that went well, and everybody else was in the Hollywood party spirit, I would whip off the longish, box pleated skirt that she wore, to reveal a much shorter mini skirt. And that's exactly what happened.



    She made her tunic and box pleated skirt, I made the mini skirt and a good friend made the corset. I do hope you are not blushing sweetie.
  3. F. J.

    F. J. One of the Regulars

    Just like Jimmy Stewart . . .

    Actually, that's accurate. Mr. Stewart couldn't actually play the trombone, even though they tried to teach him, so the horn's mouthpiece was plugged and all he had to do was remember the slide positions. The sound was dubbed by actual trombonist Trummy Young.
  4. My wife has an etsy shop. She sells infinity scarves and hand bags. She recently started a line of vintage inspired clutches with modern art deco fabric.
    Here is a preview of one. The rest will be added next week. She also does custom sewing.


  5. Steve S.

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    With all of the jackets I reproduce, does the Mrs. want one? No, she wants a purse.... Since she is such a good sport to put up with me taking over the dining table & turning it into a cutting room, I decided to oblige & try a purse. I'll let you ladies decide if I did O.K. with it. She wanted a "crossover" style with a "special" hidden pocket for CCW. I used some leftover leather from a jacket project & the inside liner was made from a nylon/rayon type material from a ladies coat made in the 60's.



  6. Trisha

    Trisha New in Town

    Steve S., I think you did a swell job. I would certainly carry that purse!
  7. Steve S.

    Steve S. One of the Regulars

  8. That item on Simon Baker's immediate left (with the spotted top) is about the only tangible object I've ever made with a lady. :D


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