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Gentlemen, show us what you've made!

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Nick D, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Nick D

    Nick D Call Me a Cab

    I enjoy making things, both metalwork and sewing. Being away at grad school, I can't do much metalwork, but I've bought a sewing machine and can still do that. I find it relaxing, I can make what I like and can tailor it to myself (or my wife if I'm making something for her), and it saves money even with buying the pattern if I haven't made my own, fabric, and notions. I don't know how many other men here sew as a hobby, but if you do, please show us!

    Here's a couple things I finished recently. This is a pair of trousers from a 1934 pattern I bought from EvaDress.com. I love the syle and they're the most comfortable trousers I own. The pattern includes directions on altering for weight, but I've been working on losing it, so in this instance I decided not to do any alterations. They're a green/brown wool tweed that's greener than in the photos. Button fly, one back pocket, the cuffs are about 22" around and 2" wide.


    Xandra was very helpful with a spot I wasn't sure on. We've got a couple more patterns for my wife from EvaDress, but they'll have to wait a few months (well, less than 9 now :D )

    I make a lot of things for my wife as well. She sews as well, but I like making things for her. I posted these in another thread as well. The skirt is from a Simplicity pattern, and the spats I drafted myself. Both are cotton twill with hand-worked corded keyhole buttonholes.


    Here's a skirt I made her. There's a jacket as well.

  2. Very nice work Nick!

    You did yourself proud. I particularly like the wool pants and the button skirt. You make me want to get a sewing machine.
    I made a suit (skirt, blouse, and jacket) for my first Lady around 1966 but have only made primitive (fur-trapper) leather/wool clothes since, and for the Ladies in my life, scarves/shawls (hand spinning/weaving) out of silk, cashmere, merino wool etc. Once I pass muster as a new member, I'll post a scarf pic if you like.

    If time allows, I will try to sew something for my Lady. Thanks for sharing pics of how good it can look and congratulations in advance (couple of months)!

  3. Brinybay

    Brinybay Practically Family

    Learning to sew has crossed my mind from time to time, but I wouldn't know where to start. How did you learn?
  4. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Well done, Nick!

  5. dakotanorth

    dakotanorth Practically Family

    Nick D's pants!

    Hey nice work!
    I was wondering about this pattern- I was the first person to buy the multi-size, BUT I haven't tried it yet. The picture implies that the pants have NO room for his at all- the waist goes STRAIGHT down.
    Did you have to alter this at all?
    They do look great, and I like the rustic color and tweed. I would offer two minor suggestions though:
    It looks like the zipper might be too close to the edge- I can see a bit of it.
    Also the side pockets opening like that can mean the seat area needs a bit more room. If you let out say 1/2" in the seat, the pockets should relax and it might help conceal the zipper.
    If not, it's an easy "undo" that takes about 10 minutes.
    Other than that, COOL! I'm glad to see guys taking up "Old World" skills and trades. :eusa_clap
  6. Nick D

    Nick D Call Me a Cab

    Thanks all

    My mom taught me the basics and how to use a sewing machine. From there I picked up a lot just through experience and experimenting. I've studied a lot of medieval clothing techniques, which has really helped with handsewing and patterning, whether the piece is medieval or modern.

    No zipper, that's the edge of the button catch. I didn't get it quite right up at the top where it meets the waistband, but I should be able to fix that easily. I may try letting out the seat, there's plenty of material.
  7. nice stuff guys.
    Years ago I took my honey to a fabric shop to get some material to work on the quilt I had been trying to finish for about 2 years.
    Just so happened when we walked in they were just fixing to start a quilt class in the back room so I dragged him back there.
    He is very, very mechanical and had never touched a sewing machine in his life. Well, he decided to make his mother a quilt for Christmas coming up as it was winter and very cold. He got a log cabin quilt pattern and no kidding in one week cut all the material squares and completely sewed a lovely queen quilt for his mother.
  8. dakotanorth

    dakotanorth Practically Family

    Men, sewing, stereotypes

    It's funny how sewing is considered a woman's trade, yet the best suit makers in the world (traditionally) are MEN. England, Italy, Hong Kong, guess what, MEN!!
    It reminds me what my Tango instructor said- men make better cooks because they cook the way men like their food. You could argue that it's the same for clothing- men make clothing the way THEY like it, therefore, other men will like it too.
    I'm not saying that all men are better cooks, tailors, etc. I'm just philosophizing....
  9. celtic

    celtic A-List Customer


    very cool!

    i recently thoguht about learning to sew. i'm glad that other men here are having similar thoughts.
  10. Pip

    Pip A-List Customer

    How fantastic! Bloody well done on those, they look superb.

    I've had to order the pattern as well hahaha, have been trying to find the pattern for a pair of trousers like these for ages!

    Cheers :D
  11. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    That's exactly what I was hoping the pattern would look like in tweed. Great work, Nick. You've done a grand job there.

    I'm planning to get cracking with my version in the new year... with the jacket to match later, if my nerve holds. This is inspiring stuf..
  12. Nick D

    Nick D Call Me a Cab

    Here's two more pieces finished.

    Another pair of the EvaDress '34 trousers, this time in a lighter weight gray wool. The pocket finish on the tweed pair is all right, but I was able to do it cleaner this time around. Next pair I'm going to alter the pattern for a fishtail back, prefereably with a dark blue fabric.

    Also a shirt from a McCall's pattern. I disregarded the collar, shortened the collar stand, and added stud holes to it. The collar is vintage. It turned out okay, but next time around (already have the fabric) I'm going to raise the armholes and tighten the sleeves a bit, give a little more width to the cuff, and lengthen the shirt tails. That will have to wait, as Cassie's got a maternity dress from a late 40s pattern all set for sewing.

  13. Fabulous outfit. Well done.

    Does this mean there is a wee one on the way or is she just making maternity clothes or having you make a maternity outfit?

    Congratulations if the former..lol
  14. Nick D

    Nick D Call Me a Cab

    Thanks :) Yes, we have a little one on the way. :D She's already finished a '50s maternity outfit, and is almost done with the one I mentioned in my last post. This one has two deep sewn down pleats in the front that are opened up and resewn as the baby grows. She'll be able to put the pleats back and wear it as a normal day dress after the baby's born.
  15. wow, i wish i could sew my own shirt & pants. they look good!!!
  16. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Actually, while the front of the top houses are predominately male (salesmen, fitters and cutters), the back rooms have a good percentage of female workers. In fact, it's not uncommon for top firms on Savile Row and in Naples (among others) to have work done off the premises, in the homes of seamstresses.
  17. Well, congratulations to both of you then. I am sure you are very excited. Now you need to sew a layette. lol
  18. I've got the sewing machine primed

    For a pair of 50's French backed boxer shorts. I figure that is a good starting point then it will be onto things like pj's and trousers and shirts etc. Good to see that there are other guys out there that like to sew.


  19. Yes, that's frequently how it is in Britain, too. In the trade the phrase 'MBM, MBW' (measured by man, made-up by women) is sometiomes heard. I think the reasons for this are obvious in both cases
  20. dschonn

    dschonn Familiar Face

    I've been sewing things since high school. Here's a coat I made for myself a couple of years ago:


    I'm the one with the shaggy hair.


    Here's a side view. I am proud of the collar, because I drafted it myself.

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