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girls in guy's garb

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by herringbonekid, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. ShrinkingViolet

    ShrinkingViolet A-List Customer


    This is the promo picture for the upcoming Coco Chanel biopic which I'm sooo exited about. Audrey Tautou in drag - I'd do her!
    Cherrylips, I saw that pic of Edie Beale in BUST!
  2. cherry lips

    cherry lips Call Me a Cab

    Yup, that's where I saw it too ;)
  3. Woohoo, Coco Avant Chanel, it'll be awesome. And Audrey Tautou is so darned beautiful.

    Dorothy Sebastian:


  4. Mike in Seattle

    Mike in Seattle My Mail is Forwarded Here

    This would be Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier-Beales, right? Jackie O's...um...eccentric cousin (when you're related to the Kennedys, or wealthy, or both, you're not crazy...you're eccentric).

    She & her eccentric mother, "Big Edie" were the subjects of the documentary Grey Gardens in 1975 which was recently made into a hit musical on Broadway. If you haven't seen the 1975 documentary, it's not a happy little story. Two somewhat-crazy women living in what was once one of the best homes in the Hamptons, which is caving in around them, and the wild cats, rats and raccoons that share the abode.

    And soon to be a major motion picture starring (oh dear God!) Drew Barrymore and Jeanne Tripplehorn.
  5. Mary

    Mary Practically Family


    I can't take my eyes off them! I love that attitude. Dorothy Sebastian looks so good in the first shot!! Please post more pics if you find any.

    It must be as clear to you as it is to me this very moment that we have to have a drag-getogether or a 30's dandy workshop. We'd look so good! Our features and that style!

    This made my sunday perfect!
  6. Oh, I'm sure we'd make killer dandies (just look at my avatar next to the photograph of Dorothy Sebastian! hihi), but who has some 20's and 30's men's clothes we can borrow?
  7. Mary

    Mary Practically Family

    Yeah you're gorgeous!

    Nobody I know has 20's mens clothes, I'm afraid. But I think you can get at long way with some nice shirt, tie or bow, a hat, one of those theather scarves make-up and some attitude.
  8. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    I have 1920's clothes. I think some women can pull off a mans suit or men's clothes given the right tailoring. BUT, (IMHO) the Biggest turnoff to me is a women in a mans fedora.:eek: :eek: It is Way too masculine of an accessory for a women.
  9. carebear

    carebear My Mail is Forwarded Here

    With Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks I refute thee. Nothing masculine about that at all.

  10. Mary

    Mary Practically Family

    So metropd, where can a girl my size get men's clothes? You look fairly slim too so I hope you know. When I've been out in shops the shirts are far to wide and the arms to long. I'm thinking reproductions of old styles in small sizes. Or would you think there could be vintage for men in my size?

    I'm 5.5 feet and a size small.

    And what do you mean about the right tailoring? Please elaborate.
  11. I posted this photo of me somewhere else... but Spitfire, now that you say women wearing ties are yrrrrrgggggg i will never wear one again! lol lol lol ;)
  12. ShrinkingViolet

    ShrinkingViolet A-List Customer

    Here's some inspiration for the guys as well ;) Artists in a Montparnasse café:


    I'm in love with this pattern from EvaDress:

  13. Mary

    Mary Practically Family

    I was at the library today and tried to find books about men's style and clothes in the 20's and 30's. I've leared some from the sears' catalog even if it's mostly womensclothes. So which books do you recommend me to read?

    I've looked in some treads here that are great, but I still want to look in books!
  14. Could some men here from the Lounge borrow us some clothes so that we can transform ourselves into dandies and take some great photos? ;)
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  15. carter

    carter I'll Lock Up

    :whistling :eusa_clap :whistling :eusa_clap :whistling
    Hadley, As you have shown repeatedly, you can wear anything well! Please continue to wear men's ties...and post pictures when you do! ;) :)
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  16. Justdog

    Justdog Practically Family


    i used to work in a vintage clothing shop. this crop-haired girl sometimes came in. she didn't even look at the women's clothes. she went straight to the men's section and would buy trousers, shirts and sweaters. she had good taste too. and no, she wasn't fat and ugly. she was exquisitely pretty. and somehow the male clothing only accentuated that.[/QUOTE]

    Kinda cool but fingers crossed you don't post the reverse:p
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  17. just_me

    just_me Practically Family

    Guess you wouldn't like me then. I love fedoras, I wear them, and I think women look great in them. lol
  18. just_me

    just_me Practically Family

    I think it would be neat to wear clothes like Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelley wore in Singin' In the Rain. It would also be cool to wear Cyd Charisse's dresses from SITR, if I had legs like hers. lol lol

    Except for dressing up (and even then, not always), I don't wear dresses. I think pants from the 20s and 30s are great. Katherine Hepburn looked fantastic in "man-tailored" clothing.
  19. awww thank you so much carter , I will! :D :p
  20. Slim Portly

    Slim Portly One Too Many

    HadleyH, that is a very fetching look!

    Girls in guys' garb:
    I absolutely adore women who have the attitude and ability to carry off a masculine look. One of the sexiest women I have had the honor to call my love was quite tall and lean, with very short hair. She almost always wore straight legged trousers and man-tailored shirts, and she chain-smoked cigarettes and walked with a great swagger. Think a thinner Jamie Lee Curtis with a serious attitude. I once bought her a tiny, tight mini-dress just to see her in it, and of course she was the hottest thing imaginable... and the next day she went right back to her jeans and long sleeve button up shirts.

    I find "girly girls" to be tiresome if that is the only aspect of their personality. Dressing up is fun, and celebrating your softer side can be most enjoyable, but one should be able to occasionally trade the dressing gown and feathered house slippers for a flight jacket and jeans.

    Men who can embrace their feminine side in their attire:
    I wish I had the ability to do this. I wear ascots, spectator shoes, all colors of the rainbow from pink to scarlet to baby blue, even flowers in my lapel, and yet there is nothing remotely feminine about my appearance. On the outside I'm afraid I am a man's man. My manners border on the courtly, my speech is polite without being aloof, and I could not engage in a conversation with my male coworkers about sports if my life depended on it, and yet exactly one person in recent years has asked me if I was gay. Her explanation was that I composed my clothing much too well for a straight man. I admire and envy men who have more grace and panache than I do. I can see the appeal of Captain Jack Sparrow with his frilly shirts and eye liner, and yet I’m afraid that I will forever remain firmly entrenched on this side of the Butch Curtain.

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