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Golden Age Honolulu: 1920s-50s

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by Chasseur, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab

    I have already posted these photos in my "Demise of the Summer Suit" thread, but I felt that people who don't frequent the Suits forum might be interested in some Golden Age photos of Honolulu from the 1920s-50s.


    Bunch of dapper gents in blazers in front of 'Iolani Palace:


    The crocodile himself, Averil Harriman and business tycoon Walter Dillingham inspecting the railroad:



    Territorial Gov. Judd 1930s:


    Gov. Poindexter and Dillingham speaking about inter-island travel in 1934


    A dapper gent and his 1935 Chevy:


    Crowd waiting for results during Massie Trial in 1932:


    Massie jury:


    Prosecutor John Kelly


    Honolulu Chamber of Commerce 1940s:


    Flying United Airlines to Hawaii 1950s:

  2. DecoDahlia

    DecoDahlia Familiar Face

    Great photos, Chasseur! Since my maternal family's roots are in Hawaii, it was a treat to see the photos you posted. The Massie trial photos were interesting, as I've only seen smaller versions in the book, Hawaii Scandal, by Cobey Black, about the Massie trial. Hard to imagine any man wearing a suit in Hawaii now!
  3. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab



    Yeah, its shocking to see the difference between all the suits and ties then, and now the lack of them. The funny thing (that I posted in the summer suit thread) is that there is a slight suit come back the past few years, but its all dark wool suits!

    I plan to post photos of Golden Age buildings soon. Downtown Honolulu has some great historic buildlings.
  4. Blondie

    Blondie Practically Family

    Gee how i wish flying was still like this !!!!

    Flying United Airlines to Hawaii 1950s:

  5. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab

    Agreed. Everytime I see vintage travel pictures, whether for planes, trains or ships, it reminds how "far we've come" since then...
  6. Searching for a Honolulu mystery

    I'm searching for a mystery based in Honolulu on the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack. Came out in paperback sometime during the nineties. Begins with a cab ride.

    I know that's not much to go on, but perhaps someone's read it. I had the mystery, began it, put it down, and have never gotten back to it. Now I want to.

    And thanks for these wonderful pictures.
  7. pdxvintagette

    pdxvintagette A-List Customer

    I believe you mean, "how far we've fallen."

    I dislike flying. I'm not scared it, I just find it enormously unpleasant. But flying like that? I could do, and would as often as the budget would allow.
  8. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab

    I agree with you completely, modern flying is rather depressing... I do it farly often, but most of the time its not particularly enjoyable in this day and age...

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