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Googled "leather bonding"...

Discussion in 'Hats' started by PabloElFlamenco, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. ...and, no, it didn't list Japanese text :D
    My 1940-ish Nutria Stetson hat arrived (more on that, later, when I've taken some pictures) and it's in really fine shape.
    However, the otherwise beautiful leather sweatband is torn for -one inch- exactly on "the dotted line" near the reed, where the sweatband is sewn onto the crown/brim "border".
    I'm afraid it will tear further, and would like to do some preventive work.
    Primitively, it would be nice to be able to put a very thin line of some product, like glue, or silicone paste, exactly over the tear, to "consolidate" it in an attempt to "arrest" the tear.

    Does any one have a suggestion which product could serve the purpose?

    I intend to be very respectful of the "vintage" character of this magnificent hat, but -for the moment- I don't want to consider a heavyweight job, neither do I know a dependable local hatter to entrust with the more thorough job of re-sewing the entire sweat.

    Would it be considered a good solution to hand-sew (a few millimeters above the one inch tear) over a small length; this I know some one who could do it for me.

    Any suggestions from "hat restorers" would be very welcome, thanks!

  2. I see two options for keeping the original sweatband intact.

    1) Exactly what you said. Neatly stitch the sweatband to the reed slightly above the tear line. If you're satisfied with it, then OK.

    2) Maybe best done by hat repair shop like Optimo ect. Remove the sweatband from the hat. Cut the sweatband slightly above the stitching line at the reed. Sew it to a new reed band and reinstall it. You will lose about 3/16 or so of the sweatband height, but at least you can keep the original sweatband in there with no ugly repairs evident. I would most likely do this myself as I have a small sewing machine capable of the task and plenty of new sweatbands to use for the donor parts.

    I'm sure there will be other ideas posted as well.
  3. Thanks Stoney.

    Meanwhile I ...ordered some Lexol... that'll be the very first thing I do, preserve the sweatband.

    I already have another hat with Optimo (well, I hope so...or in the mail...or stuck with US Customs..fear..fear) and, quite honestly, I'm right now reluctant to have this hat I just received (after a two month wait) go back to where it came from, the USA (and then back...through Belgian Customs [huh] ...one shot at a time!
    But I guess taking a few pictures for a presentation to this board won't hurt it, though. That's a project for the coming weekend.
    Cheers (even tho I don't hardly ever drink Belgian beer: diabetes put a stop to that; just a sip from my wife's glass...trappist beer).


    P.S. Any one out there to recommend a good hatter in Europe??

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