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Gramophones, Phonographs, Victrolas....

Discussion in 'Radio' started by moustache, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. They'd be more or less the same, I'd think. Probably an idler-wheel turntable drive and crystal pickup -- in both cases you may need to do some servicing. Idler wheel drives develop a thump when the rubber tire on the idler wheel hardens with age when left in one position for a long time, and the crystals in the pickups have a way of disintegrating if the unit has been stored in a humid location. Both situations are easy enough to deal with -- replacement idler wheels are available from various dealers, and West-Tech Services does an excellent job rebuilding crystal pickups.

    Webster changers were commonly installed as original equipment in mid-priced console radios in the late forties and early fifties. Like all changers of the time they could be rough on records if they got out of adjustment.
  2. Thank you. I have one of each, in various states of disrepair, and was wondering which one to restore, possible cribbing parts from the other. This information in quite helpful.
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  4. Changed the mainspring in my Paillard portable, but it's still not running smooth.
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    That's a lot of sound from a small box.
  6. There's more of metal than wood on it and it's also quite big for a portable gramophone. Need to get the motor out and find the reason of speed fluctuation, I guess it needs more graphite grease in the spring case.
  7. My humble shellac records collection
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  8. German Majestrola before and after overhaul.
    25188846_1536595453042181_3929220899276306284_o.jpg IMG_9609.jpg
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    Some of the extras lying around.

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  10. Made a collage from labels of records I uploaded to YouTube so far.
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  11. Here's my 1925 Victor Victrola 210. It was one of the most popular models Victor ever made. It's all original, had a "tune-up" and sounds beautiful. If you close the top while it's playing you'd swear it was an electric phono. I bought this in 1982 when I was 15! It traveled to 2 states and 6 or 7 homes, but survived in tact.
    1925 Victor Victrola 210.JPG
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    I have a VV210 as well. Nice machine.
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    Back in the day of live evening antique auctions, I took home the nicest full-size Victrola I've ever seen. Light oak finish and perfect condition. About $300 as I recall. It fit perfectly in my craftsman Chicago bungalow. About a week later I got a call from the Chicago PD... it was stolen property. Ugly divorce and somebody took all the good stuff to auction. It was strongly suggested that I take my refund, shut up and go away. it was beautiful - haven't seen one as nice since. Disappointed!
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