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Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by bburtner@moran, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    Great, all around! That Trower model is something. Love the locking tuners. Post them up. Not a lot of activity here, lately. I'm a strummer. You're bound to be more that that with those pieces.
  2. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    Back in the day I wasn't half bad. But work, life and family happened. I'm now a bedroom player. I have a grandkid, and I'm widowed, so I can get back to it. I now think I have more money than talent. But I enjoy my pleasures and pursuits.

    2004 Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster:


    1998 Gibson Les Paul Special SL


    The "twins." 2013 Gibson SG Futura Tribute. L: "Darkstar", R: "Woody"

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  3. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    Anyone have or know about the discontinued Fender 12-string Stratocaster? Someone asked about one on another forum, and as both a Fender aficionado as well as a 12-string fancier, I was intrigued. Then I spotted this beauty and my GAS went into overdrive...

  4. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    I've always wanted one of those 1999 Martin D12 42RM Roger McGuinn 12-strings but I'm sure I could never get it to jangle like he could. Back about 2014-2015 there was one available at that dealer north of Denver (on the way to Boulder).
  5. If memory serves, those 12 string Strats were a product mainly of Fender Japan, in the eighties; they've come and gone since. Nice collection. I'm very much a Fender man, myself, style-wise: I dabbled with Gibson types over the years, but they're just not me. Do have a nice Epiphone LP Std, though - one of the last of the Korean-made ones, nice player. Probably hang onto that for a long time. My favourite guitar is my 2006 Japanese made Fender Tele 71RI, closely followed by my 1994 American Standard. Both left handed, both bought new. I'd love a lake placid blue 57RI Strat one day.
  6. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    I have an early MIJ Strat (6-string) that is well made. Although not as well made as the original Fender Strats but much better than the MIM Strats since.
  7. The Japanese stuff is wonderful - hard to find in the UK, but half the price of the US equivalent when you do. The only real difference in some of the specs is you don't tend to get nitro finishes on the CIJ line, which is fine with me. In all other respects I want vintage spec, but when it comes to finshes, I'd prefer a nice, modern polyurethane every time. I do believe they are better than the MIMs, but the Meican stuff can be very nice indeed in itself; I'd have had a couple of those by now if they'd done the models I wanted left handed.
  8. Blacktocomm

    Blacktocomm New in Town

    I had one of those old CIJ Strats a couple years ago. It was a great guitar with a cool blue finish. I have switched to being a 2 guitar man, and the MIJ isn't what I kept. They are great guitars for the buck, although they seem to have gone up in price these days.

    If I ever find one of the 1985 Paisley Tele's at a decent price I might change my stance on having more guitars.
  9. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    You mean like this one (found on Reverb)?

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  10. Blacktocomm

    Blacktocomm New in Town

    Haha, yeah. I guess the real thing is that I want one, but I am a living room guitarist only these days and struggle having more than 2 guitars, especially because I hardly ever play electric anymore. But when I do my PRS SC245 does great. :)

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