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Happy 95th Birthday, Dame Vera Lynn

Discussion in 'Radio' started by dhermann1, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. The lady who sang "We'll Meet Again", and so many others, turns 95 today. God bless her.
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  3. For a real eye-opener go back and listen to the records she made with the Charlie Kunz orchestra in the mid-to-late thirties. She was a lot more than a singer of wartime weepers -- she was one of the best band vocalists on the British music scene.
  4. One of my favorite Vera Lynn recordings is this one that she did in the '70s.

  5. Here she is in 1990 at the Royal Variety Performance.

  6. And yet nobody's posted the song for which everyone still remembers her...

  7. Here's another I found on Youtube. She sings the verse, which I've never heard before, giving the song a nice added layer of meaning:

  8. And this one kinda belongs, too:

  9. Goodnight, Children Everywhere (1940)


    Goodnight, children everywhere
    Your mummy thinks of you tonight
    Lay your head upon your pillow
    Don't be a kid or a weeping willow
    Close your eyes and say a prayer
    And surely you can a find a kiss to spare
    Though you are far away
    She's with you night and day
    Goodnight, children everywhere
  10. [video=youtube;zpLiTHgok1A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpLiTHgok1A[/video]
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    Another beaut from the war years:

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    THIS is the one for me!
  13. The Closing Sequence for Dr. Strangelove gives a different meaning to "We'll meet Again"


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