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"Hard On Leather" vintage brand

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by rockabilly, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. rockabilly

    rockabilly Familiar Face

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any info on an older brand "Hard On Leather"?


    Apparently they had a store front in Cali, I'm guessing in the late 70's and/or early 80's. I've tried to do research, but cannot find any info. I have a jacket coming in the mail with this label, and just trying to figure anything out about them.

  2. Uh....well..I know nothing.

    Polk st.
    San Francisco

    Uh..am I the only one who...for some reason..finds humor in this..? lol
  3. It has the same meaning over here too... Assume it did back in the day also???
  4. Fifty150

    Fifty150 A-List Customer

    Fetish wear. Now defunct.
  5. Ah! Makes sense then. A lot of those companies make great stuff.
  6. Yeah, there's a couple companies in Chicago that make some nice trim biker jackets. 'Big 'n' Hard', that kind of stuff. I have some stuff from those stores, and it's very high quality.

  7. Jack Burton

    Jack Burton One of the Regulars

    As soon as I saw the brand name and mention that it was from Cali, I figured it'd be from San Francisco. "Polk St." makes it even funnier. The OP may want to put that jacket under a UV light:D
  8. I'd rather leave the touching to CSI... :eeek:
  9. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Johnson Leathers is also on Polk, up the street a ways.
    You might call them and ask about Hard On Leather.
    Very possibly the jacket was made by Johnson, who have
    more than one label themselves, and re-branded. In any
    event, they are sure to know about another leather jacket
    brand on the same street.

    Yes, I am sure the name was intentional. :eusa_clap
  10. Oh well...Just wear it....and beat it to death. It can take it..!!
  11. God!
  12. :sorry::tape2:[angel]:whistling
  13. rockabilly

    rockabilly Familiar Face

    Lol..you guys crack me up. I was a little hesitant on buying the jacket when I saw the label... But the jacket's quality looked outstanding to me. I will definitely check with Johnson Leathers to see what they know (thanks feltfan).

    Here is a shot of the jacket itself, it definitely appears to be very well made with some nice Talon zippers all around. I was told from the seller that she found a 1981 motorcycle registration in the top pocket. I'm hoping the leather is at least steerhide.

  14. Jack Burton

    Jack Burton One of the Regulars

    Rockabilly: I'm sure the jacket will be fine. Let us know how it fits.

    Fifty150: C'mon now, this is the Fedora Lounge, not the:


    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
  15. I'm just in from a 2 day work road trip up north along the Canadian border. I spent the last 6 hours driving home. What's left of my poached mind is now totally fried!!!! What a thread! LOL

    Da "what planet is this now?" Worfster
  16. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Hey Rockabilly, did you try Googling it?



    "To keep warm on those cold San Francisco summer nights he bought a Leather Motorcycle Jacket at Hard On Leather on Polk Street. He still treasures the jacket though after many years of working out, it no longer fits."

    Due to the efficient SEO of this site, the fourth image one sees when doing a Google image search on "Hard On Leather" san francisco is Van's avatar. Oops.
  17. Well..FF..
    My WIFE enjoys wearing it..
    ..That OK..? :D;)
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