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Hasidic fedoras

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Curt Dawson, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Curt Dawson

    Curt Dawson Familiar Face

    Where can I find a pinch crease fedora like I see Hasidic men wear?Most of them I see have a 3"-3 1/2" brim.Black is fine,but a dark to medium gray would be more interesting.
  2. Mike in Seattle

    Mike in Seattle My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Check some of the message strings in the Hats section and you'll find lots of links to hat retailers that undoubtedly have exactly what you're looking for.
  3. Check Bencraft hats.:)
  4. pgoat

    pgoat One Too Many

    You probably want a Borsalino (seyata model), many sites sell them. Bencraft (one of the FL sponsors), in Brooklyn, has great prices on Borsalinos.

    I just sold two of these hats (one a Borsalino) on ebay but the winner is not paying thus far (groan!). If you are a size 7 or so and interested in a used hat(s), I can work out a deal with you for cheap. I am emailing him today and If I don't get the money in the next day or so (It's been a few weeks already) I planned to relist anyway.
  5. Alon

    Alon One of the Regulars

  6. tandmark

    tandmark One of the Regulars


    A wide-brimmed black Borsalino would work. For a less pricey variant, you could get a wide-brimmed black H?ºckel. If you want a shtreimel, you'll probably have to have it made for you.

    In the NYC area, there are a bunch of hat shops that specifically cater to Hasidic/Haredi Jews. None of them sell on the Net, as far as I know.

    A couple of Net shops do sell wide-brimmed black fedoras. The best of the lot is Aharon's Milechai, in Denver (www.milechai.com). The H?ºckel I bought from them came through Monsey Milan Warehouse, northwest of Yonkers, near the Pennsylvania border. Nice hat.

  7. cooncatbob

    cooncatbob Practically Family

  8. Mick

    Mick New in Town


    Just a belated thanks for posting this. I bought my first ever new hat based on a web search that eventually led me to this post. Like yours, it's a Huckel from Monsey Milan, via Milechai, and I absolutely love it.

    (And also thanks to the mods of this forum. I'm having great fun reading through past posts.)


  9. Rittmeister

    Rittmeister Familiar Face

  10. The Squatter by Akubra might suit your bill, or brim rather, and it comes in Gray as well as Black...

    Akubra Squatter

    Click on the 'more images' tab to see it in gray.

    The hat is sold open crown, or unbashed / uncreased, but as others here will tell you creasing is fun and easy, we have a page of instructions here:


    Unfortunately we don't currently have any Akubra dealers in Oklahoma but if you travel much check here to try one on in person:

  11. jpbales

    jpbales Practically Family

    one of these hats??


    haha j/k
  12. Naphtali

    Naphtali Practically Family

    Among Jews who wear fedoras as head cover, as opposed to those who wear Russian/Polish/Ukranian-style fur caps, is there any religious reason to wear somber colors -- black, charcoal gray, dark gray -- as opposed to tan, ecru, brown, sage green? I specifically do not accept "customary colors" as a religious reason. To me a head cover is a head cover.
  13. tandmark

    tandmark One of the Regulars


    Mick, glad you found my little post to be of some help.

    Have you figured out how to use the wind trolley yet? That's the button and cord contraption that's mostly hidden by the hat band. The idea is that you put the button into the buttonhole of a suit, and the cord keeps the hat from blowing away in the wind.

    Milechai ships their hats with plastic protective covers. I've seen people put these on their hats to protect them from rain damage, even though fur felt is nicely water-repellant.

    RBH, thanks for the link to Amish and Mennonite hats. Someone a year or so ago posted that they'd had one or two of these, and that they were poorly made.

    Are there any Fedora Loungers from Pennsylvania who'd care to weigh in on the quality of these hats?

  14. cybergentleman

    cybergentleman A-List Customer

    black fedora

    I am a pennsylvanian, but i am not familiar with the quality of the amish craft hats....i know that site though.

    so, if you want a black hat to make yourself look like you are going off to synagogue, i'd say borsalino.

    i have also seen selentino ( sp?) and a few other brands, but borsalino is the big one stateside.

    so: http://www.bencrafthats.com/


    these are the two retailers I am aware of that have a good supply online. A friend of mine bought his black hat at bencraft- looked sharp.

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