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Hat repair in Boston?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by French, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. French

    French Familiar Face

    hat shops in Boston/Cambridge?


    My job brings me to the Boston/Cambridge area regularly. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place to pick up a new lid. Also, I'd love to meet other loungers for coffee, dinner, lunch whatever.

  2. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Amazingly, I don't believe there is a hat store in Boston. It's hard to inagine a famous city like Boston not having a hat store . There may be a few clothing stores that carry hats but the selection wont be that great.

    Come to NYC!!!

  3. Here's the rundown on hat stores in New England:

    Mass: One hat store that used to be on Newbury St. Moved to a less prime location but nobody seems to know where to. No website, no computer in the store.

    Rhode Island: None

    Connecticut: Delmonico's in New Haven. In business nearly 100 years. I haven't been there but really nice people to deal with.

    Maine: Queen of Hats in Portland. By the name you can tell she deals mostly in women's hats but is starting to spread her wings in the men's dept. Very nice people.

    Vermont: None

    New Hampshire: Aaron Hats in North Conway. Great variety of hat brands, styles and price ranges. We've stayed true to our original business plan of offering something for the entire family. We have a growing number of customers who drive 3-4 hours to come visit us.

    We may be a little out of the way but isn't this view worth it?


  4. French

    French Familiar Face


    Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. I've been to DelMonico's twice now (they are only about a 20 minute drive from me). Aarons is on my list of places to visit, but the 4-5 hour drive each way necissitates it being a weekend trip.

    I appreciate all the information everyone here has shared, and how welcome you have made me feel.

  5. imoldfashioned

    imoldfashioned Call Me a Cab

    We may not have hat stores but there's a bunch of friendly Loungers in Boston--drop a line in the events section if you want to try to get a meet-up together!
  6. French, I just learned of this hat shop in Boston. It's called TOPPERS, INC.
    and it's located at 151 Tremont St. Boston, MA. I have not yet been to the shop, but I plan on making a visit in the near future.
  7. Barb

    Barb One of the Regulars

  8. That's the one that used to be on Newbury Street.

    Barb, Do you know if that's from their old or new store?

  9. Dalexs

    Dalexs Practically Family

    Hmmm, Toppers moved? It was on Newbury St last time I was there this summer.
    Well Tremont is probably a better place for them. More up and coming, less Rodeo Drive.

    They are only a hat shop by name. They carry a few big box name hats.
    They deal mostly with womens hats. Not a terrible place, but not what one would hope or expect in a city like Boston.

    Maybe thats one we need to open here in town, an honest to goodness hat shop.
  10. The store is open at the Tremont St. address. I spoke with a student last week who was sporting a black Stetson. He indicated that he purchased this hat a shop in Boston called Toppers. He couldn't remember the address but assured me he would be back with it. He proved to be a man of his word and came around this morning with a business card from Toppers. He was also sporting a new black Morefelt Derby which he purchased this past Saturday. He also said the store was near the Boston Common.
  11. Barb

    Barb One of the Regulars

    the photo sure looks like Newbury Street to me

    from the architecture.

    Plus, Yelp lists the address as 151 Tremont and the street number in the picture next to their window is 230.

    Looks like they have (or had) quite a collection of nice hatboxes


    and "frou frou" ladies hats for garden parties (not my style, but..)

  12. mineral

    mineral One of the Regulars

    I'm new in this forum, but I think I can help with this.

    As far as I know of, Toppers is indeed the only (fully) hat store around. They are at Tremont Street at the Boston Commons (near the Loews Theatre). It is not a place a man can shop for hat, although ladies might have better luck. Another poster suggested that they sell Stetsons, which I don't know about. All I remember is my visit there to look for panamas this summer and finding only 1 style from New York Hat Company.

    If you want to find places where you want to buy (new) hats, there are 2 stores in Central Square on Mass Ave which sell hats. There is a store in the CambridgeSide Galleria which rents out tuxedos where hats can also be purchased (I think?). In Boston, there are stores on Washington Street (very near Toppers) right outside the Downtown Crossing stop that sell hats as well. And I think Brooks Brothers on Newbury Street also sell hats, though obviously not a lot of them. If it's a new hat you want, I think you would do better on the internet than in Boston.

    Now in terms of vintage, the only place where I have gone so far is Bobby from Boston. They have quite a variety, ranging from Herbert Johnson, Lock and Co., Cavanagh, Stetson, and Borsalino. It is so far also the only place in Boston where I actually managed to find a hat I would buy (and did buy). Given the (dire) lack of places where one can find a decent hat in Boston, I would strongly urge you to check them out.

    Good luck!
  13. Bobby from Boston?? Can you give us an idea where this emporium is at-
    worth a trip in from the wild West half of the state to find a real hat store...
    The last real hatter I knew of in Mass. was Nadar the Hatter in Springfield.
    Master hatter, had tremendous selection of vintage hats, men's and women's, unfortunately not in business anymore...was very lucky to have a few hats made/refurbished by Bill; great wit, knowledgeable, arms like Popeye, did things the old-fashioned way, and was/is an historian of the hatmaking industry and fashion, I understand he was working on some museum catalogue projects,etc. Travelled the world, had one of the sharpest eyes (two?) for any objets d'art, fashion, ephemera...real rare bird.

    Please do give us a heads-up on Bobby's if you could? thanks
  14. mineral

    mineral One of the Regulars

    Ideaguy, here it is:


    I think they are open 12-6 PM each day.

    It's not exactly a hat shop, but a vintage clothings store that sells hats (quite a quantity at that). Asides from fedoras, they even have homburgs and boaters. Happy hunting!
  15. Barb

    Barb One of the Regulars

    Yelp listing:


    Note that the listing states they do NOT accept credit cards.

  16. And a big thank you!! harder than Chinese algebra finding decent
    duds without combing through the wannabe consignment shops or
    at the other end - the Salvation Army;
    So it's off to Bobby's, looking for things I don't need, can't afford,
    don't have room for, and I already have three of them...whata dope
    I iz...but it could be worse...haven't heard of hats hurting people
    Thanks again for the tip:eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  17. mineral

    mineral One of the Regulars

    You are welcome. :)

    Finding a place to buy a hat in Boston is actually the easy one, compared to my current task of trying to find someone in Boston who can repair my Borsalino ....
  18. Barb

    Barb One of the Regulars

    Let us know what they have there

    and if you can, take some pictures!

  19. Lorne

    Lorne One of the Regulars

    Hat Shops in Boston

    Hello all,

    I live near Boston, and work in Boston, so I've got the skinny for you. The skinny is, "Nunka, Nada, Nyet, Zilch."

    I've been to Toppers, and there is no reason to go back. They had ONE nice straw in the place, and that was it.

    I've found that vintage places are a better shot. There is a place, I think in Brookline right on route 9, called "Cafe Society" that had a few nice hats. None of them were my size however.

    I got my two best hats, both Dobbs 20's I think, in a run of the mill junk store. One was 7 1/2, which is fine for me. The other is a 7 1/4, which is to small and I imagine that I'm going to sell that one off.

    Lorne D. Gilsig
  20. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    Hello gents, I know this information is probably already available somewhere in this forum, but I can't find it, so please feel free to redirect me as appropriate!

    I have a friend who has a wool felt stingy brim fedora that needs reblocking. Are there any recommendations for places in Boston that do this? He lives in Western MA, so any places in that area would be fine as well.

    If there's nothing around here, a mail-in place would be fine. I know I read something at some point about a place where some of you have sent your lids for work.



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