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Heino !!! The "Lawrence Welk of Germany"!

Discussion in 'Radio' started by Marc Chevalier, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Meet the man who was once called "the Lawrence Welk of Germany." Meet ... Heino:



    And here he is now, with an improved hairdo:

  2. PrettySquareGal

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    Does Heino have Champagne Bi***es* instead of girls? ;)

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  3. "Zis portion of ze Polka Parade is brought to you by the Hildesia Delicatessen located in schönem Anaheim..."

    Marc, do you remember the German guy who was on KPCC on Saturday mornings? He used to play polkas and Heino was a particular favorite on his show.
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  4. Yes! It's a vague memory, but there.
  5. That is the scariest guy I have ever seen :eeek:
  6. Really?

  7. Flat Foot Floey

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    Yes, Heino. The attitude of germans towards "Volksmusik" is strange. It has a steady fanbase but many people look down to it. Same with Heino. I think everybody knows him and often his songs are used in an ironic way (but maybe secretly enjoyed?). On beach parties on mallorca or cabin parties in the alps people would drink much beer and listen to popular but very simple and kitschy songs.
    Many comedians made fun of Heino and his fans but it only made him more famous. Not my cup of tea though.
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  8. And of course you can't forget this one...

  9. Retro_GI_Jane

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    I was thinking the same thing! His eyes are scary bug eyes like Daryl Dragon from Captain and Tenille.
  10. sal

    sal One of the Regulars

    words fail me
  11. Yes! I'm going to have nightmares just looking at him :eeek:

    Kind of reminds me of
  12. .
    Here's my favorite Dieter sketch of all time:

  13. Rudie

    Rudie Call Me a Cab

    He has some eye disease, that's why he's wearing his trademark shades all the time. Only in his early days did he wear normal glasses. For decades it's been shades only. His horrible hair-do (or maybe it's a wig, I don't know) and the shades are his trademark. Most people in Germany don't know his music, but everybody knows who Heino is.
  14. [/QUOTE]

    Back when SNL was still good.

  15. We're in 2012. Today's viewers of SNL (are there still any?) wouldn't know '80s German art culture and 'Kraftwerk' from a sow's belly. ;)
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  16. [/QUOTE]

    Reminds me of every "art movie" I have ever seen. :rofl:
  17. HA! True.
  18. Or remember Phil Hartman as "Susan" the She-Male (who just got out of prison)?
  19. I think Lawrence Welk is much less frightening than this guy!
  20. Well, that's the only way you can survive an evening of "Schlager and Volksmusik". And we all know what goes on behind the scenes of this branch of the music business. Makes the Stones look like regular attendants of Sunday school....

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