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Help Finding Bridal Shoes

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by misskillin, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. misskillin

    misskillin New in Town

    Hello Ladies!

    I am trying to find the perfect pair of shoes to wear on my wedding day, and have had no luck thus far.

    My dress is a tea length white lace dress, strapless and form fitting. I would love to find either t-strap or at least a nice ankle strap shoe in white or gold. I will be wearing my grandmothers pearls that have gold clasps :)

    Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!
  2. size? heel height? platform or not? open or closed toe or sandals? what era?

    These are gold T-strap with a mid height heel and sort-of vintage look http://www.ebay.com/itm/ENZO-ANGIOL...oe-T-strap-Pumps-6-5-/130665686686#vi-content

    Dyeables and Touchups dyable shoes probably have something. http://www.plussizebridal.com/Shoes/MAKAYLA.asp?gclid=CKzj-Jy20LcCFSJqMgod-msABw


    This site has possibilities http://www.dhgate.com/high-quality-...ff8080813baddef2013bc5bbb7a72b27.html#s3-17-1

    When I married, there were a lot of Victorian through '20s/'30s styles around, with Cuban heels and other lower heel heights and vintage looks. If you can find a plain satin shoe that you like, it's easy to glue lace and not terribly difficult to make a strap to add to it.

    You might look at sliver, too. Rings are generally white metal or rose gold now, so I don't think it's necessary to match shoes to a clasp on a necklace unless it's a very large clasp that's in the front.

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  4. Alexlovebug

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  5. misskillin

    misskillin New in Town

  6. misskillin

    misskillin New in Town

    I had never though to glue lace on shoes myself. I wouldn't imagine it would be that difficult at all. Thank you for the great idea!

    I am trying to stay away from silver, I'm just not a silver fan myself. I don't know that I've seen a bride in gold shoes, but I think I could pull it off with a lace dress.

  7. Alexlovebug

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