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Herringbone / Flannel/ Fleck Trouser Recomendations

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Tommy-VF51, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Tommy-VF51

    Tommy-VF51 One of the Regulars

    Been looking for some High Rise, wide legged (but not too wide, which unfortunately rules out SJC) trousers in a late 40s/ early 50s style. Quite like the Scott Fraser ones, but these are a little over budget for something I'll probably be wearing at work to some extent.


    http://www.ozoneclothing.co.uk/guys-jackets-and-trousers/1905-fawn-fleck-high-waisted-trousers.html or these http://www.ozoneclothing.co.uk/guys-jackets-and-trousers/1934-triple-pleat-brown-fleck-trousers.html seem ok for the money, but they're a wool mix? Has anyone tried them?

    Will be continuing to look for vintage, but realistically quite difficult to find over here. Am looking for 34 Waist, 29" Leg and no more than around 10" at the cuff.
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  2. Benproof

    Benproof A-List Customer

    The Ozone ones look great!

    When you say 'over budget' - are you thinking of authentic vintage wear then, rather than modern repro'?

    I agree about authentic vintage being a better fit - either that or I was born 60 years too late. The Ozone prices are as good as they get really for a made in UK marque. Not tried them since they never have my size - they are about 1/3rd the cost of estate wools like Fox Brothers or Shetland Mills and estate tweeds. It's not going to be as high class but it won't be as awful as some of those modern designer brands faking 'retro vintage' with cheap fabric which pills within a month and all the buttons fall off after wearing for a week.
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  3. Tommy-VF51

    Tommy-VF51 One of the Regulars

    They do look good for the money, they're not a bad replica, some thought has clearly gone into the shape and cut.

    I would love to find a proper vintage pair, but it's a lot harder with trousers than say jackets, due to the wear.

  4. Have you seen the slimmer cut ones Simon did (not sure if he has any of those still in stock - worth asking)? More of the slimmer 50s cut than the 30s ones.

    Otherwise, OLd Town also do a slimmer cut model that might be worth looking at.
  5. http://www.oldwoogies.eu/categoria-prodotto/pants/
    This Italian brand seems to have the cut of the 40s-50s down with a good selection of fabrics, though the site hasn't been updated for a while, so I would email them first.

    These guys are also apparently quite good, though they use fabrics of unknown content which isn't great if you are going for 100% wool.

    Also keep an eye on US ebay. There is often something going along the lines you described in a selection of sizes.
    Not sure where you are located, but the vintage craze has died down of late and you can get bargains,

    Finally, look for 80s-90s Ralph Lauren trousers. They basically have a conservative 50s cut to them, and it's RL so quality will be good.
  6. Tommy-VF51

    Tommy-VF51 One of the Regulars

    Forgot to reply to this

    I can't find even an image of these, I'm going to contact Simon at the end of the month, when I've got the finances to maybe get something?

    I like Old Town's stuff, but it mostly seems to be workwear and of an older period.

    I'm in the uk, meaning US ebay that used to be a good hunting ground, has been made largely pointless by Global Shipping Plan. Etsy purchase's seem to similarly get hammered by customs when they come over. Which is a shame since there's good stuff out there still?

    I've tried a lot of the best places in the South East, shop wise and nothing is coming up. If I could afford them right now, I'd go for Scott Fraser Simpson's trousers, since the shape is bang on.

    Those Italian ones don't look too bad, not sure about the Morrellos though.

    I'm gonna hold out another month, maybe email SJC and that Italian firm after my next pay day?
  7. Yeah, drop Simon a line, he'll be able to let you know. I'm not sure re the flannels, but there's a suit due out sometime soon with the slimmer cut trousers in grey, blue or brown herringbone, and the trosuers will be available to buy as separates.
  8. Tommy-VF51

    Tommy-VF51 One of the Regulars

    So I did end up getting a pair of Ozone in the end.

    I really don't think you'll get a better pair of reproduction trousers for under a ton. Yes there's plenty available between the 100 to 200 mark, but for those on a budget, unless you strike lucky at vintage I can't find a better option for this style that are made in the UK.

    Some points I would make are that these are a wool mix and I would also advise sizing up and having the waist taken in.

    You only really notice the fact they're not pure wool up close. Put it next to something of actually Donegal tweed and you could tell. From a distance you'd have to have a keen eye. Wool mixes were already about by the mid 50s so again that makes these more than passable in my opinion.

    In terms of sizing, I intially went for a 34. These were fine (roomy eve on the waist, but a little too slim in the seat. The rise was reasonable at just under 12". Having swapped them for the 36 they fit must better and have a slightly higher rise- just shy of 13" by my measurement.

    Finally its worth mentioning that although these are described as pegs, they have a fairly gentle taper. They also come ready cuffed at about 1.5".

    Again, at this price I can find nothing to match. Yes with some hunting you might find a better vintage pair, but certainly this side of the pond that's difficult. If I'm lucky enough to find a pair of either the Scott Fraiser or Simon James Cathcart trousers in a similar cut I'll also review them here, the same with any other options.
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  9. Benproof

    Benproof A-List Customer

    That's great news Tommy. Your sizing info is really helpful too - since the standards for vintage clothing is so far out by our modern comparisons, the detail of the cut gives a much better impression sight unseen for their range of high rise high waist trousers.

    Maybe Ozone will have more variety of sizings available next year. They have only a choice of 2 or 3 waists left now.

    I find the Scott Fraser wide golden era trousers look very difficult to pull off with such wide widths. Their fabric selection is superb though.

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