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Hi Im new here, Looking for hat information?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by D00R, Mar 19, 2007.

Was it worth saving

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  1. All 3.
  2. Stetson pinnacle or stetson temple
  3. Rogera

    Rogera My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Anyone have all of these that can help in the comparison?
  4. If its the newer "Special Limited Edition" beaver Temple go for that. If its the older Sovereign Quality or Royal Deluxe Quality Temple go with the beaver Pinnacle.
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  5. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I think the only difference is felt quality.

    The Temple has nice proportions for a variety of faces (which is kind of the saving grace of blocked in creases). I had one, it's a nice hat, but I just evolved a taste for taller crowns.

    Yes, the beaver felt is nicer than the rabbit felt. But honestly, the retail price of it is more than I'd pay for it.

    This guy has a decent deal...think he is a member here too: https://www.ebay.com/itm/STETSON-PI...AT-/351262368028?_trksid=p2385738.m2548.l4275
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  6. He is a member but I forget his Forum name. I'm sure he won't steer you wrong.
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  7. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    He's Monaville Cowboy.
  8. Thx!
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  9. Have you considered going custom? For the kind of money Stetson wants you could pick up a custom...or check out Daquino Hats on Etsy. They are located in Lisbon and use FEPSA felts, rabbit, beaver or a rabbit/beaver blend.
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  10. moontheloon

    moontheloon I'll Lock Up

    I learned my lesson with spending that kind of money on a modern Stetson ... my advice ?... don't do it

    if you are going to spend that much on a modern hat commission one of the many artisan hatters here and get a custom hat specified to your liking
  11. Roan1930

    Roan1930 New in Town

    Hey, Hope everyone is well. I'm kinda new to the fedora world and was wondering if some of the lounge experts could help me Identify what year this Cavanagh hat was made. I know Cavanagh hats in general are hard to date, but I would like to figure out at least what decade this hat if from. Any help would bee much appreciated. :)

    The hay has 2 3/8” wide brim, and 4” tall crown. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Roan1930

    Roan1930 New in Town

  13. moontheloon

    moontheloon I'll Lock Up

    my pleasure

    I would have linked you to a Lounge thread with much of the same info but photobucket has robbed us of all the photos in that thread

    this site is where you want to be though

    enjoy ...

    nice hat
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  14. Willybob

    Willybob One of the Regulars

    I second Moon's assertion. I purchased a modern Stetson Strat and found it to be very deficient. The felt was thin (lacking density), flimsy and poorly pounced. I have several older felts that are great, a few Akubra's which are excellent hare felt, and a custom Beaver hat coming from Blacksheep made to my specs. I am now convince that having one made is the best way to go for the money.
  15. Willybob

    Willybob One of the Regulars

    unless of course if you can find a real nice vintage at a good price
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  16. FedOregon

    FedOregon I'll Lock Up

    Vintage or custom... for the most part, that's my mantra.
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  17. "Remo" has left the building...
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  18. You can also check out his website One 2 Mini Ranch to see the other hats he sells. I can't vouch for the Stetsons, but his service was excellent when I bought a Sunbody straw hat from him/them earlier this year; I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
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  19. +1 true dat!
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