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High Crown

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Dapper Dave, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Dapper Dave

    Dapper Dave Familiar Face

    I was watching Scareface with Paul Muni and George Raft last night. I really liked the High crown Fadora that George Raft was wearing. Does anyone know where I can find one like that?
  2. Do you mean this one?


    It's a great looking hat alright, and it does have a high crown. I can't say I'm into high crowns myself, but they look good on others, especially actors from back in the day. It looks like it has a center crease with a relatively narrow front pinch.
  3. Contact Art Fawcett here : http://www.vintagesilhouettes.com/ and tell him what you want and he'll make one for ya :)
  4. That has to be at least a 6" open crown.
  5. Greyfox

    Greyfox One of the Regulars

    Here is an Art Fawcett high crown example for you.

  6. I'm real happy with the high crowned dress hat I got from Tony B. at Tumwater Hats. Check out his website. Most hats I try don't have enough crown, but this one has room to spare. Frank
  7. Dapper Dave

    Dapper Dave Familiar Face

    Yeah thats the hat I'm looking for I love that hat.

  8. ariahokas

    ariahokas Familiar Face

    High Crown Goodness.

    Literally my first post here. Such a cool forum.

    So I've been through roughly 5 fedoras now. None of which I'm left happy with. In fact I gave them all away.

    Except one, my Christy's London fedora. But it's not really what I want - slightly slanted sides and 4" crown is too low, though wonderfully made. Anyone want to buy it?


    I'm looking for a fedora with a round about 2" brim, high crown (5-5.5"), fairly straight sides.

    I can't find this anywhere, I think I've been to every site now. The closest I can get is an occasional vintage Ebay find.

    Any and all help would literally make me love all more.

    Thanks in advance.

    /ari ahokas
  9. Johnny J

    Johnny J Fedora Lounge Artisan

    Keep on the watch in the Classifieds section here on the lounge. Many nice fedoras are posted up constantly and you might find what you are looking for. BTW, Welcome to the lounge!
  10. ariahokas

    ariahokas Familiar Face

    I was just browsing actually. Nothing so far, besides an expensive Borso which was super sexy :)
  11. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Go custom.

    Black Sheep Hat Works, Art Fawcett, John Penman, Tumwater Hats, Falcon Park, Optimo, etc, can all make such a hat.
  12. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Jlee beat me to it. Good advice.
  13. ariahokas

    ariahokas Familiar Face

    Brilliant. Looking now.

    Art Fawcett is absolutely absurdly priced. Seems like a joke.

    Excited to look nonetheless!
  14. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Adding up all the hats you've bought, then given away, have you spent less than what he charges? Get what you want the first time, then you're done.
    Last edited: May 28, 2012
  15. ariahokas

    ariahokas Familiar Face

    Good point. But $1200?

    So far, Black Sheep has great prices and I think the best models. I think I'm infatuated.

    Does anyone have any experiences with them?
  16. Are you sure your price is right?
  17. ariahokas

    ariahokas Familiar Face

    Yeah, I'm with both of you.

    His Dillinger hat is 1200 shmacks. A bit much for anything goes upon the head IMO. But I get it, if you have the money, go for it.

    I think I'm going to order from Black Sheep or Optimo. Optimo doesn't have a webshop.

    I'm leaning into The Watcher at Black Sheep or the 47th st at Optimo.

    But 4 3/4 crown seems a little low. I'm really stuck on getting a tall crown, and I'd like it to truly appear as such.

    Do you guys have any photos of a 4 3/4 crown?

    Thanks so much, you're a ton of help. If we weren't on the internet I'd hug you all.
  18. If it is that much, there must be a reason. Did you ask why?
  19. Johnny J

    Johnny J Fedora Lounge Artisan

    Get one of Art Fawcett's Art-lite custom fedoras. You can tell him you want 5 1/2, 5 3/4 or even 6" tall crown. He will make exactly what you want and you definitely will be pleased. Prices are really not a joke; very reasonable compared to other company's. Look at his creations in the "Art Fawcett Hall of Fame" thread under Hats section.
  20. mikespens

    mikespens Call Me a Cab


    You've made a mistake with your currency coversion, Art Fawcett's Nutria blends start at $265 and his 100% Beaver starts at $385. His prices are a bargain if you look at the prices of a 100% beaver felt factory hat.

    I have orders placed with both Bob at BSHW and Art at VS Hats and both are gentleman of the highest degree. Bob's wait time is about 3 months, Art's is about 3-4 weeks.

    If you read these forums you'll find whichever hatter listed here by jlee562 you choose you will end up happy.

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