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Hip flasks.

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Shangas, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a question about hip-flasks. Whiskey-flasks. Booze-bags, tipsifying-tins...these things:


    I've always admired the shape and compact nature of a whiskey-flask and the solid, metal construction and the nifty hinged, screw-top. My question is, although intended for storing alcohol...is it safe and advisable to store DRINKING WATER in a flask of this kind? I've always wanted to own one, but I would only ever put water in it (not being a drinker myself). One of my brother's friends has a flask like that and ever since I frst saw it, I thought it'd be cool to have one of my own...
  2. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    A stainless steel flask would be the best choice.
  3. Water ?!?!!!
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  4. Water. Life blood. Oxygenated hydrogen. I apologise for the shock, Talbot, but yes...water.
  5. CapnAHAB

    CapnAHAB New in Town

    That would be fine. If its a used flask i would pop a teaspoon full of bicarbonated soda in it with water and give it a shake to clean out its innards, then rinse and should be ready to go.
  6. Cap'n.

    Thanks for the answer. Yes I've read about the whole "clean with hot water + bicarb. soda" thing. Now to go flask-hunting.

    By the way - Welcome to the Fedora Lounge *tips trilby*
  7. Good Grief!

    Ok, now that I have that out of my system, the more recent stainless units tend to be a bit stiffer and sturdier than older style pewter units.

    Also, they often have a captive cap which can be a pain if lost. Don't ask.

    Pewter ages well, but for the stuff the gold fish swim in, I'd go with stainless, ack.
  8. I have clearly ruffled some gin-soaked feathers hereabouts...Sorry!

    *Keeps ruffling*

    The idea for getting a hip flask to carry around a drink has been one that's been on my mind for a long time, though. Water bottles are useless for me because I just can't keep them in my pockets, and they bump and slosh around inside my satchel and...yeah. Not cool. A hip-flask is solid and reliable and compact enough to carry around a drink. Plus, it's only a small amount, which is all I need. I hate carrying around huge, 44-gallon drums of water, which I'll never finish in a day...
  9. CapnAHAB

    CapnAHAB New in Town

    Cheers Shangas [doffs Pipe - if that is at all possible]

    Agree with Talbot - stainless all the way. I accidentally spilled some bicarb / water on a pewter 30's cigarette case I was cleaning last night (while incidentally cleaning out some flasks) and it stripped some of the electroplating off while I was wiping it clean :/
  10. I've got to pile on...

    Water? To wash your hands?
  11. No, to act as a reserve for my hydrogen-fueled car.

    To DRINK you doolallying numbskull! :D

    Why must everything be used for what it was made for!? Jeepers creepers...
  12. jdbenson

    jdbenson One of the Regulars


    My concern is that flasks are not very large; they were designed to hold spirits to be sipped, not gulped. Unless you have easy access to fresh clean water for refills, you'll be running out of water pretty quickly.
  13. S,

    All in good fun. I have always considered a nip outdoors on a bracingly cold day to be one of life's sweet moments.

    If you do use a flask for water, you won't be able to offer or share. Just sayin'....

    There may be some other options for you to carry water. Nothing wrong with collecting flasks just for the sake of it.

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  14. I'm not a fan of plastic or glass bottles and those chunky old army canteens don't appeal to me. And I'm not about to carry around one of those huge plastic pop-top drink-bottles. I'm not a professional cyclist or something. Yes, as J.D. Benson points out, a flask won't hold much, but I wouldn't be sculling down water. It'd just be a sip every now and then to stop me from passing out. Flasks are tough, compact, they look cool and I really like the hinged screwtop which you could never lose.
  15. Why not a thermos?
  16. I don't want to carry a big, chunky thermos around. I just want something small, strong and compact which looks classy. I don't want something that's breakable or that bends or crinkles or which looks like it came out of a sporting-goods store. Hip-flasks have a simple, clean, classic look about them, which is why I'm thinking of getting one. Even if it IS only for nonalcoholic beverages.
  17. dwebber18

    dwebber18 One of the Regulars

    I like the flask idea, granted you know whats in it and others don't and that might be cause to get hastled occasionally where drinking is not allowed. I know it would raise some eye brows while walking around town and at work, haha.
  18. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Well, he is a writer.........
  19. Consider the small plastic 375ml Smirnoff bottle. Empty the contents (responsibly, hic) and replace with water. It will get some reaction when you drink from it, but you writers....
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  20. My dear chap, a flask is for brandy that one must have on hand when the gel you are escorting on a bracing walk across the moor inevitably sprains her ankle and you are forced to shelter from the scudding rain in the nearest cave......but water? dear o dear....
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