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Hip flasks.

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Shangas, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. One word of caution - in many states there are laws regarding the carry of alcoholic beverages. I'd just say used caution when considering the carry of such a flask. In California I believe it is illegal to have one in a car, it may be OK in the trunk. I think they consider it an open container?
  2. Sillyrib

    Sillyrib Familiar Face

    traditionally, sterling silver was used to make the english whisky flask.(very collectable) They are also made in glass with stainless top and leather(croc) oversheath. Both can or cannot have a removable cup on the bottom.They come in all different sizes. 1/4 pint, 1/2 pint, pint. You can store whatever liquid in it that you want. Stainless will not tarnish however.
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  3. We writers be an eccentric bunch, that we are. Although who knows...one day, whiskey may replace water...
  4. shortbow

    shortbow Practically Family

    I've used a pint-sized stainless steel hip flask for many years to carry water in when out for a short hike in the non-winter seasons. I keep several litres of water in the truck in various containers, but for short walks, the hip flask can't be beaten for unobtrusive, compact and light carry in your pocket.

    I also sometimes get a kick out of driving down the street with the flask to my lips. Amuses the tourists and confounds those locals who know I don't drink. I'm looking forward to the day I get pulled over by Smokey when I can produce the flask and show him there's only water in it. Sort of a Calvin thing, you know?
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  5. Thanks for the personal touch, Shortbow. I saw a flask at the local thrift shop yesterday, but it looked in far from great condition...I'm gonna keep looking.
  6. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

  7. shortbow

    shortbow Practically Family

    I like it, Tomasso. I'll add that to the list.
  8. I had a lovely glass Hip Flask with its own Leather jacket, for my 21st Birthday, it was useful
    to take into night clubs in the Disco Era, so as to spike my own drinks
  9. Drinking water from a little, tiny flask? that was never meant to carry water but spirits? that's what i call affectation. Sorry.

    Happy drinking. :)
  10. I apologise to the purists.

    Went to the market. Only found one flask, and not the kind I was looking for. The search continues...
  11. rcfko

    rcfko Familiar Face

    I just got an eight ounce stainless flask for christmas as my family decided that I should have one, since I started to dress myself in a more golden era-ish fashion. I am thinking of using it for water also.
  12. cklos

    cklos Banned

    Sippin' water from a flask is like kissing your sister.....may I suggest a water fountain sir?:)
  13. Water in a flask? What's the point? It's like getting all dressed up with no place to go...............
  14. Big_e

    Big_e Practically Family

    I've looking at a few flasks as well (not for water carrying however) and would be interested in seeing what you decided on. To add more fuel to the fire, a co-worker brings one of these to work for his coffee. It's 12 oz. and looks pretty sleek. Not too retro but looks rugged just the same.

  15. Big-e - good call! I have similar for coffee when i go on shoots, although mine is ex-army issue and has macho camouflage, webbing stuff on the outside. I picked it up in a junk shop, so i would suggest maybe you try an army surplus store perhaps for something similar/suitable.

    I have to agree with the other guys though, only the hard stuff in the hip flask perhaps, although i'm pretty fluid about using items for other than what they may have been designed for.
  16. Initially upon reading of your quest I wanted to say "what the hell?" but upon some reflection must say I have admiration for folks that try new things even if it seems to make little sense (to me anyway). I think the problem is that the best versions of the flasks will only hold a few ounces which if water really does you little good. I've been in the tropics for years and drink gallons to compensate for the heat. You probably dont have that problem. Still carrying around 4-6 ounces of water wont do you much good and could get you attention that you are drinking in public. It would seem to make the most sense to either buy one of the large "industrial" looking flasks or try for some type of offbeat alternative such as a WWI canteen. Good luck!
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  17. This is a classic case of a product needing to be invented. Do it and become wealthy beyond your dreams.
  18. HepKitty

    HepKitty One Too Many

    I found a very plain but useful flask at Ross of all places, for cheap. And I've one used it once, sneaking vodka into a football game. Because Brenda insisted that we couldn't possibly go to a football game sober.

    I agree with the stainless comments, but a flask is a bit small for water.
  19. subject101

    subject101 One of the Regulars

    I was to point the same thing :)

    I always liked flasks but I don't own any. I think that drinking water from a flask is not a good idea.

    You can get in trouble because people will think that you are drinking alcohol. At work, walking on the street, in front of a school...
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  20. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Brandy :eeek:
    Bourbon, old boy. :)
    ...and the moor is always windswept and Moonlit for good measure. ;)
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