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History Channels dog fights, B-17

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Hondo, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Did any one skip the oscars to watch History Channels Dog Fight, one with a lone B-17E (early model) being chased by 17 Japanese zeros? WOW!!! I hope some caught this it was fantastic! The Bomber killed 3 zeros before the zeros had to turn back due to "dog fight" they were low on fuel. A great story.
    The bombers name the 666, Outstanding guys!!!
  2. I was flipping channels and thought the show was wonderful! The effects really brought home the intensity of the stories.
  3. Doug C

    Doug C Practically Family

    I missed it last night but I think it was a marathon consisting of previous episodes. Me and my young son look forward to watching it on Friday evenings. It's about my favorite show, ever.

    Doug C
  4. I’m primarily interested in B-17 bombers, but this shows dramatization, graphics, or animations are fantastic! I don’t play video games but its impressive so much I’m watching what ever “Dog Fights” are aired, I hope you all catch it, the 666? Don’t mess with the devil lol
  5. #666 was one tough B-17!
  6. buelligan

    buelligan One of the Regulars

    Here's another story of a plane with the tail #666. During the S.A.R.T. treaty when we were chopping up B-52's by the bushel a certain B-52 with the tail #666 was waiting at A.M.A.R.C. in Arizona. When time came to cut this bird up it became apparent that the hydraulic system had not been de-pressurized causing hydraulic fluid to spray everywhere. Well somwhere hydraulic fluid met ignition source and one heck of a fire started. I guess that was this planes last fight for it's life. :)
  7. Doug C

    Doug C Practically Family

    One of my favorite 'Dog Fights" episodes was when a US fighter pilot was wildly chasing a MIG 21 (I think it was), the MIG pilot led the American back to his airfield so the ground crews anti-aircraft could shoot down the American plane that was chasing him. Instead the American tagged the MIG over his own airfield causing the MIG to crash on his runway and take out another 6 or 7 MIGs in the process, that were staged next to the strip. Classic!

    Doug C
  8. Thanks guys for the comments shared here, I’m fascinated with B17’s (the love of my childhood) and this one the 666, an earlier B17E was equipped with extra armament (guns) and would have liked to know more about this, sustained heavy damage to its nose section, the navigator who was injured, and later died still went back to return fire, bloody and all, true heroism.
    I do say all and all that this program did an excellent description on “dog fights” in all eras. Enjoyed be there exactly as the engagement happened, It was well worth the time, may buy this later when funds become available.
  9. Stinchcomb

    Stinchcomb One of the Regulars

    I haven't been disappointed in any of those shows, they are all great. What amazes me is the amount of damage those old aircraft (& men) could take and still make it home.
  10. Twitch

    Twitch My Mail is Forwarded Here

    As I've mentioned THIS is the quintessential documentary on aerial combat. Even though I've interviewed some of the same guys they've had on the CGI assists in the telling of the tale like moving pilot hands can't.:) There were some giants back then!
  11. Giants

    So very true, the damage these planes took and remained flying, If any one ever gets a chance to be inside a B-17, you’ll be surprised at how cramped to compartments are, many thought the nose section Plexiglas was bullet proof, no way!!!
    As describe in this program, 17 Zeros after a lone B17, and they made a hell of a fight, In this fight, the 666 pilot was bloodied after bullets ripped through the cockpit, blood over instruments and while trying to stop his owe wounds he managed to keep control and fly back, they made it!! I just love to absorb this stuff, the courage, heroism of the entire crew. You read so much about how many B17’s were lost in the early part of WWII in Europe and some how this lone B17 managed to survive against all odds.
    Outstanding :eusa_clap
  12. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    i <3 Dogfights. i hate TV but i do love this show. did anyone watch the Marathon they had lately? i have my heart set on owning season one of Dogfights on DVD, which is available now for pre-order.

  13. Miss Kitty, I agree, not really a TV viewer, mostly TCM, some times ESPN, nightly news and History Channel, caught part, not all of it of this series, sure will be on my DVD list to purchase later :)
  14. Sweet Leilani

    Sweet Leilani A-List Customer

    This is my favorite show EVER! I'm not much for TV in general, but I will stop the world to watch "Dogfights"! Even the ones I wasn't expecting to like (the Six Day War one, the Bismarck one) I thought were fascinating.

    At my museum on Saturday mornings we all are talking about Friday's show. All the docents are veterans (we have an F4U pilot, a B-17 ball gunner, an F-4 crewchief, etc.) and it's cool to hear what these guys think of the show. They all say it's almost like being there again.
  15. I will have to watch for that episode. Hondo, I'm also interested in B-17's as well. So much I had a B-17 tattoo'd on my arm! And If you ever get chance to fly on one do it. It's an amazing experience.

  16. That’s wild, having B17 tattooed, I would have preferred nose art, still that’s cool! Yup I’ve hitched a ride on a B-17 (The Nine-o-Nine) hope I get another chance as well as the B-24. but the B-17 has always been since childhood a life time interests, dream to ride in. "Amazing experience" :eusa_clap
    I recall the old TV show 12'O'clock High and they used mattress in cock-pit to simulate plane being hit by flack :eusa_doh:
  17. There was a B 17 living at the Jamestown NY airport for a while a couple of years ago. I happened to see it lumbering across the sky at low altitude over Chautauqua Lake on a lovely summers day for several minutes. What a thing to see! What a rumble it made!
    I was stationed in Hawaii in 1967 when they were filming Tora Tora Tora. I used to stand in the window of my office at Camp Smith, overlooking Pearl harbor, and watch them "bomb" Pearl. Once I was at a PX right on the water at Pearl Harbor when 6 of their painted up T6's roared over head at treetop level. Now That was a roar! Imagine the din of 360 of them!
  18. cheaterome

    cheaterome One of the Regulars


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  19. I had the nose art tattooed beside it. I flew in the B-17 Yankee Lady from Michigan. It is an amazing experience!
  20. Cool! I've seen the Yankee Lady, she is a beauty, any Pictures??? [huh]

    Must have been scary as well as awesome! as if like being thrown back into time, being there during the bombing at Pearl.
    What a feeling to be standing on runway on a dark, cloudy morning to hear and feel the "rumbling" of B-17, it was thrill, something I'll never for get. :eusa_clap

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