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Homemade Setting Lotion

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by LandGirl1980, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. LandGirl1980

    LandGirl1980 New in Town


    Some of you may have already read my hair trials and tribulations over on LandGirl1980 Blog, so apologies if I am repeating myself!

    Just wanted to show you the results of a recent trial I did with a chemical & scent free, cheap, setting lotion... thought it might be of some use to you gals!

    You can read the post here

    I'd love to know how you get along with it if you decide to give it a whirl?

    Over & Out!

  2. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer

    Oh, you're first person that I 've seen also using linseed for setting lotion beside me!
    Actually I've used it quite a few times and it sets hair like a charm. Only problem I've noticed that on my red hair, it dulls the shine noticeably. But I've never really boiled it, just poured boiling water over it ans let it steep, and used it as a thick liquid. Maybe that was my mistake?
  3. Has anyone experimented or read anything on how long it keeps if you add vodka to it? (And how much vodka you should add?)

    Thank you to everyone for posting. I am trying to move away from commercial products.

    Does anybody have a homemade hairspray recipe?
  4. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer


    This is from a book called "An English Rose" by Selena Abbott - basically about natural and homemade cosmetics. Unfortunately I haven't tried them yet, so I can't vouch for the results.


    2 large lemons
    2 tbs vodka
    2 cups of water

    Slice the lemon and boil it (in the water I presume) until the half the water remains. Strain into a bottle, and add vodka, which will act as a preservative. Before using, shake well and pour into an atomizer. Works best on hair that dries naturally.

    Rose hair mousse

    4 fresh egg whites
    2 tbs rose oil (not rose tree oil!)
    0.25 liter soft, cold water

    Beat the egg whites with the water, then add the rose oil and stir until you get a foamy mass (You'd think it'd be foamy when've beaten the egg whites). After washing and toweling your hair dry, apply mousse. Comb your hair and set it, or dry it. You can use rose water instead of water, this will also substitute for the rose oil.

    There are also several recipes for shampoos, conditioners, rinses and hair masks. If you're interested, I can post them too.
  5. One of my friends used to use the linseed gel (which also makes a good eggwhite substitute in some vegan recipes, by the way!) ans swore by it. I imagine it is very nourishing for your hair as well.
  6. dmoran227

    dmoran227 Familiar Face

    Sugar water works great! A good starting point is 2 tsp of white granulated sugar to 8 oz of distilled boiled water. Of course you can add a few drops of essential or perfume oil to scent.

    Of course this may be a repeat but gelatin water is the BEST setting lotion. Widely used in the 20's and 30's for finger waves. Was still used in the early 80's when in my cosmetology course. 1 tsp to one cup boiled/distilled water. You can play around with it for more or less hold. Gals have been using Jello as a temporary hair color forever choose flavored variety's if you dare. I think the black cherry would be lovely on cool brunette.

    I love homemade and "off-label" cosmetics. If you take the time to learn basic chemical indications and read labels, I find you can eliminate and double up on soooo many things.For example you know that giant galon of "Hair & Skin conditioner" they sell at Sally's? Almost identical in chemical makeup to Cetaphil cleanser. If you think about it the entire "cowashing, "curly girl method is based on this. The actives are secondary cleansers. You could wash your hair with Cetaphil. Anyway back to the hair&skincondish. You could use this to wash your hair if you cowash, you face, shave your legs, etc. Another one works great is the formula in makeup mixing mediums(used with a brush to convert shadow to liner) is almost identical to my clear $1 pro hair gel(watered down a bit). I tried it with the shadow IT WORKED EVEN BETTER! I also use it as a shadow primer. Also the same gel watered down even more is a great setting lotion.
    Best detangler ever ( I have two mixed daughter with a ton of hair I've tried them all) is 1 part glycerin, one part aloe vera(the kind you have to put in the fridge)one part distilled water.
    Sorry to carry one but I've learned so many tricks and condensed my cosmetics stash immensely just by educating myself. This may also be in part that I almost refuse to waste anything. It must be used up by a family member for something whether that be the intended use or not. I may have a problem with that though :)
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  7. Amy

    Amy New in Town

    old beer!

    Hey girls!

    My mum was a hairdresser (in the 50's/60's), and said that beer worked well if she ran out of setting lotion. She used it on my hair a few times putting it into ringlets, and it really doesn't smell of anything when it dries. Great use for flat beer that's left over, as it doesn't have to be fizzy to work. She did say that english beer (ale) and lager (the light fizzy kind that americans call beer) give different results/hold a curl better. From memory, I think she said that the ale was stronger, but don't quote me on that. I was about 10, and not old enough to know the difference! :)
  8. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer

    I also heard of people using Coke - sugar content -> sticky -> hair setting. Not sure if it works, though! :)
  9. Thank you Juliet and Dmoran for the recipes. I must try these.

    I've switched to using baking soda and vinegar for washing my hair, and I had been using Aubrey's natural hair spray, but it is expensive- about $8 for a small bottle. (I don't think the baking soda could clean my hair of the silicones in my old hair spray, and am trying to move away from these things anyway). I've gotten rid of my old shampoo, conditoner, lotion, and deodorant, so now I just need to replace the hairspray. (I won't go without the lipstick or my perfume!)
  10. NancyLouise

    NancyLouise One of the Regulars

    OT! Sheeplady, what are you using for a replacement deodorant? Does it work well even during heavy exercise?

    Back on topic, I made a batch of flax goo yesterday morning, but passed out before I could convince myself to do a set. Hopefully trying it out tonight! Looking forward to it because my curls fall out so easily.
  11. A mixture of cornstarch and baking soda. A 1 part corn starch to 2 parts baking soda mixture. You can use half and half though, the cornstarch keeps the BS from irritating your skin. You have to wash up well and make sure you are dry and apply with a makeup brush. I apply in the morning and at night (and reapply after showering after exercise or just plain showering).

    It works much, much better than the commercial natural deodorants, but it is not an antiperspirant. I would say that it works better than natural commerical kinds during exercise, but it is not perfect. If you sweat it all off, you'll smell a bit, but not like you have nothing on. But for me, even when I wore the unnatural antiperspirant (with aluminum) I'd be in the same boat after heavy exercise. It doesn't smell on it's own, some people add a scent to theirs or perfume themselves.

    You will sweat more if you are used to antiperspirant. I haven't gotten used to this part yet.

    I haven't tried it in the humid summer yet, but I have been very pleased thus far. The natural commerical stuff just wasn't working that well for me and it was hideously expensive.
  12. dmoran227

    dmoran227 Familiar Face

    Here's a recipe for a homemade anti-perspirent. It's effective but if the word clinical gets your goat you will likely find it inferior.
    Mix equal parts witch hazel, mineral water and aloe vera gel. 1/4 cup each is usually what I use . Add a tablespoon of vegetable glycerin and a few drops essential oils ( with antibacterial properties- tea tree, lavender, cinnamon etc). You can put in any old spray bottle. Remember to shake before use.
  13. Katue

    Katue Familiar Face

    sheeplady, what do you use indead of deodorant? I hate all the deodorant aromas, they just make me sick. And they combine with my perfume - yack. That's awaful...
  14. Check upthread. I think overseas Baking Soda is called Bicarbonite of Soda. (It is a mineral used in baking. It is different from Baking Powder, which is stablized to act under heat). Baking soda is a base, and if you mix it with an acid, it becomes fizzy. BS is used a lot in things like quick breads (breads without yeast) and some cakes.

    I think I might try adding some coconut oil to mine to make it more like a solid/ stick. If you do a web search on coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch some recipes will come up.
  15. Tenuki

    Tenuki One of the Regulars

    I am nearly out of the commercial ethnic hair setting lotion, which I love but the store has stopped carrying it. I was looking for the other setting lotion thread and found this one. I'm a fan of Jancie Cox' books and have had a great experience with some of her facial products. I forgot she has the flaxseed recipe for setting lotions. Having read the positive comments here for a homemade setting lotion, I'm inspired to try it. About how long does the setting gel last?

    OT I've been on the slow exchange from commercial to homemade beauty products, mainly because the artificial fragrances added are very irritating to me. I've been searching for a homemade cosmetic thread, have I missed it? If not, I'm happy to start one. I love hearing about everyone's homemade products!
  16. Start that thread! I'd love to know what others are using!
  17. Tenuki

    Tenuki One of the Regulars

  18. Tenuki

    Tenuki One of the Regulars

    To get back on topic, I am trying my flaxseed mixture, wet pin curl set. It turned out a bit watery, so I don't know if I used too much, not enough? We'll see in the morning.
  19. Frenchy56

    Frenchy56 A-List Customer

    Might be slightly off-topic, and not quite homemade, but have you tried the commercial 'crystal' deodorants? 100% natural, completely odorless. They're not antiperspirants, but trust me, I have been using mine for over a year and I've never found myself sweating excessively, or smelling. Personally I'd much rather my skin be able to breathe and sweat a bit rather than clogging up my underarms.
  20. Tenuki

    Tenuki One of the Regulars

    The Janice Cox Summer Braid Gel works great! The curls turned out nicely, although I forgot to take a pic. Next time, I'll post one. Perhaps the humidity is low here in Seattle, but my hair was not at all frizzy.

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