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How do I wear an WW2-style tam o'shanter?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Woodfluter, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Woodfluter

    Woodfluter Practically Family

    Hello Creeping Past -

    So, what do you have here? Is this an actual Tam O'Shanter, or Balmoral, or Glengarry bonnet? Could you post a picture, best if it includes you as well? So some of us versed in Scots gear might help you a bit? Really, I'd like to help but not sure what the problem is...also don't have a clue what WWII style might entail...was this a military division headgear? Is there a ribbon backing for a clan or military badge perhaps?

    - Bill
  2. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    It's this style of hat. I'm away from my camera right now, so sorry but no pics.

    I can get it to sit at 90 degrees to the ground, like a great big plate, and I can pull it up on one side and down on the other, like a great big plate at 45 degrees. But I can't get it to go like this. Apologies for rudimentary hat-talk knowledge.

    I think maybe the lining's too stiff. Preliminary thoughts?
  3. Woodfluter

    Woodfluter Practically Family

    OK, this does help a lot. Now I see you have something made more like a tam (separate top section with a seam), but with a distinct band around the head like a Balmoral. The pictures of soldiers, showing what you are aiming for, show to my eyes something akin to the pie plate skewed off to the right effect. Now my Balmorals tend to be softer and are without lining, so they "slouch" more, not having the flat top but curving to match the head a bit more like a beret. Leaving me with the question...if your cap is lined and somewhat stiffer, why isn't it setting like the pics of soldiers?
    - Bill
  4. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    Apologies again for the vague first post. On reflection, I suspect it's either because (a) it's too stiffly lined, as I mentioned, or (b) I haven't got the dash to match up to it. Or maybe a bit of both.
  5. PADDY

    PADDY I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I used to wear an Irish Caubeen.

    Whilst working with the Royal Irish Rangers (now the Royal Irish Regiment) I wore a green caubeen, which when new sticks up like a helicoptor landing pad [huh]

    I'm assuming the Scottish hat will have the same probs. It's a long time ago now, but I'm sure I totally soaked the devil in hot water (like you do with a beret in the military) and shaped it to my head. Once you've got the shape, carefully lift it off 'in that shape' and sit it down to dry naturally.

    BTW..I realise that the khaki tam-o-shanter has more of a flat top, so maybe this entry of mine is a total red-herring!

  6. A sharp uniform, sir! Is it actually black (as appears to be on my monitor), or is it a very deep shade of green, a la the old RUC uniform?
  7. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    Thanks for the advice. That makes sense. I was a little wary of soaking thick khaki wool, but I'll give it a go.

    Now, be honest, did you ever think of riding the hound just once?

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