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How many products do you use?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by cakesandcakes, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. cakesandcakes

    cakesandcakes New in Town

    I recently read an article about the number of products American women use. There's a definite trend for going bare faced here in the US - 67% use less than 3 products each day, and only 3% use more than 12. So I'm wondering, how many products do you use each day? I know a lot of you, if not most of you, aren't American, but I'm interested in seeing if there's a trend amongst vintage loving ladies in terms of the numbers.
    I use about 13 myself: moisturizer, face oil, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, lipstick, and hairspray. I feel kind of special being in the minority. ;)
  2. CaramelSmoothie

    CaramelSmoothie Practically Family

    I rarely wear make up so I only use sunscreen and shea butter for my lips. When I do wear make up then it's lipstick, powder and mascara. I just don't like a lot of products on my face. My nighttime routine on the other hand consists of several products.
  3. TheSacredFemme

    TheSacredFemme One of the Regulars

    Oh dear, this could be interesting. I'm going to do it in order of applications.
    Face wash
    Witch hazel
    Eye cream
    Face cream
    Eye primer
    Eye shadow
    Eye liner
    Face oil
    Night cream

    That's on a "heavy" make-up day. Normally it's only lipstick. :)

    If we're adding hair: setting lotion, pomade and enough hairspray to make the ozone layer cry a little.
  4. What TheSacredFemme said ^^^, with minor differences: Lazslo oil before face wash, Evian spray water in a can as toner instead of witch hazel (calms the chlorine sting on my crazy sensitive skin), and my face cream and sunscreen are usually in one product. Oh, and nail polish plus Revlon Extra Life No Chip top coat.

    The bare-faced thing isn't happening in my home. I like playing with makeup far too much for that!
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  5. Drappa

    Drappa One Too Many

    Face wash / cream cleanser
    Moisturiser with SPF
    Eyebrow powder
    Very rarely foundation
    Face powder occasionally
    Lipstick when I go out
    Eye make up remover
    Heavy moisturiser for lips
  6. When I wear lipstick I use three products- lip balm, lip liner, and lipstick- and that is just my lips.

    But since my daughter seems to believe that lipstick is meant to be smeared all over my face, I often don't wear it. I am a very low-product gal. I gave up using soap on my face two years ago after a horrid acne issue and haven't looked back- now I just use hot water and occasionally a little almond oil.

    So I guess it would be everyday:
    Almond Oil

    Special days:
    Almond Oil
    Lip Balm
    Lip Liner
    Sometimes I use eye shadow
  7. I try to keep it simple.
    Cetaphil cleanser
    Mercolized wax face cream used a moisturiser day & night (I love this product)
    Eye brow pencil
    Face powder

    Special occasions
    SPF Foundation
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  8. Flicka

    Flicka One Too Many

    Oh dear... If I wear makeup (I don't do it every day at the moment) it's:

    Face wash
    Anti-age serum
    Foundation (3 shades for contouring and highlighting)
    Eyebrow pencil
    Eyeshadow primer
    Eyeshadows (several shades)
    Eye pencil
    Liquid eyeliner
  9. Nora

    Nora New in Town

    I haven't quite gotten the hang of makeup yet so daily I... Erm... I use... Er...

    ...Tap water?
  10. Me too. ;)
  11. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

    Right -- today, nothing but water. On days when I don't have to go in to work I wash my face with Pears or something like that & leave it alone. If I go outside into the garden I'll put on some sun block.

    At the job, I wear makeup so that I don't look like a zombie who has been bitten by a vampire (i.e., dead and pale.) Foundation, mascara, eyeliner on top lid, maybe brow pencil if I feel the need; and always lipstick.

    If I head out to the drug store, bank, or post office on days when I don't have to work out of the house, I usually do the sunblock-mascara-lipstick thing.

    By the way, what is face oil?
  12. When I used to travel to the Netherlands there was a certain brand of face oil (can't remember the name; it was Dutch and I swear it started with a K) that was a blend of Almond, Jojoba, and several other oils scented with orange oil. It is something I used to use for the oil cleansing method, moisturizing, and makeup removal. It was in a common drug store and I could pick it up frequently on my travels there.

    Interestingly enough, I've never seen "beauty oil" here, so I use the almond oil for cooking on my face. Is using "beauty oil" more common in Europe than in North America?
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  14. Nora

    Nora New in Town

  15. Hm..
    It differs from a place and people. Some still believe that an oily face should never meet oil, and that acne-prone face should be dried out to oblivion. [huh]
    I used to use much more products in the past. Nowadays, I prefer that "less is more" tactics, since it works best for me. That is why I don't use soap on my face, I do it the "old way" - cold cream.
    I "wash" my face with milder cold cream ("oil in water" emulsion) and use the natural, honey based moisturizer. OK, truth is ([size=-2]Do not spread this around![/size]) it is a "heel" cream, as it is designed for the human feet. However, long time ago (and I'm not the only one) we have discovered that it does less to your heels and much more to your acne-prone face. So, we made the switch. [huh]

    ..and that is all I use. :D
  16. scarlett

    scarlett One of the Regulars

    by day
    moisturizer w spf
    eyelid "primer"
    face powder
    brow pencil/powder
    eye shadow
    eye liner
    hair leave in cond. treatment = 9

    jojoba oil to moisturize eye & neck
    night time moisturizer
    lip balm
    nail/cuticle oil = 4

    I use the oil cleansing method for face using jojoba oil. I do have oily skin that seems to be better regulated since I began this method a few years ago. And you are right Stray Cat about the oil, but I took a chance and it works well. I have read that jojoba has cleansing properties and it may be one of the lightest oils to use. Trial & error.
  17. BettyMaraschino

    BettyMaraschino Familiar Face

    On days at home, I only use cleanser and moisturiser with SPF in.
    On days when I will be seen by more than the people in my household, I use cleanser, moisturiser with SPF, foundation, concealer, blush, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyeshadow to fill in my brows, mascara, a final dust of powder over T zone (i get oily so try to prevent it), lipliner, lipstick. Add some pomade to the hair and Im out the door :) all in all takes 8min too! yes I did time myself a few times :)

    Recently added an eye wake up roller ball thing after moisturiser too. Makes me look like Ive actually had sleep lol
  18. Hi Everyone!

    If I'm sitting around the house for sure I only use soap and SPF moisturizer and then a night cream before bed. If I'm going out I'll use the former (minus the night cream) along with a primer, concealer, foundation, powder, liner, eyebrow filler, mascara, and lipstick. Wow, I didn't realize how many products used. I don't even want to get started on my hair, that's another 4 products easily. Gee and I thought I was cutting back haha
  19. CaramelSmoothie

    CaramelSmoothie Practically Family

    Kitty, just out of curiosity, why do you wear an SPF moisturizer if you are in the house?
  20. CaramelSmoothie

    CaramelSmoothie Practically Family

    I have since added an antioxidant cream to my skincare arsenal. I wash with Dr. Bronner's soap and apply the antioxidant cream then the sunscreen. Since I use retinols at night I am extra vigilant about avoiding the sun so I even wear a wide brimmed hat and carry an umbrella. I get a lot of strange looks lol.

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