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How many products do you use?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by cakesandcakes, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. No reason, I'm just a creature of habit lol
  2. pineapplefruitcake

    pineapplefruitcake One of the Regulars

    Ok, I use a cold cream I make myself with olive and calendula oil and witch hazel for toner everyday and then a mild exfoliant a couple of days a week. Usually that's it but sometimes I have....

    Light makeup days -

    Tinted moisturiser
    Lip balm or stain

    Heavy makeup nights -

    Tinted moisturiser
    Eyebrow shadow
    Lip balm
    Lip liner
    Powder to set.

    Then remove with the cold cream and start again the next morning :)
  3. pineapplefruitcake

    pineapplefruitcake One of the Regulars

    Oh, I'll add that my moisturiser has SPF in it but if I'm going out in the sun at all ( I'm an Aussie) I'll wear a full protection sunscreen and I won't wear makeup as I find it too heavy to have both.
  4. CaramelSmoothie

    CaramelSmoothie Practically Family

    I hear that skin cancer rates are sky high in Australia with Aborigines being the exception. The sun is a killer and life giver at the same time!
  5. True. On the other hand, rates of vitamin D deficiency are soaring amongst Australian women! 1 in 3 now, I believe. We took the "slip slop slap" message a bit too much to heart, but it is difficult not to when everyone you know over the age of 40 has had skin cancers removed.

    For number of products, if I am just around the house or walking up to the post office it'll just be a light day cream. If I am going out-out (not just to the shops!) it'll be:
    Day cream
    Under eye concealer
    Colour-corrective concealer
    Eye primer
    Cream eyeshadow
    powder eyeshadows
    gel liner
    eyebrow pencil
    translucent powder
    ... and sometimes blush depending on whether I feel pallid.
  6. Jezebel_Amazon

    Jezebel_Amazon One of the Regulars

    Yikes, I'm personally a product junkie. My routines vary on time of year also.

    Mild Cleanser
    Lavender/Witch hazel Toner
    Daytime Moisturizer with SPF 30

    Liquid Foundation
    Setting Powder
    Shadow Primer
    Highlighter pencil
    Liquid Liner
    Brow Pomade
    Lip Liner
    Hairspray or setting lotion

    Night Time-
    Glycol Cleanser
    Night Serum
    Night Moisurizer
    Spot Treatment

    Once a week I do a light peel.

    20/ 21 That's a ton of crap I muck on my face. :eusa_doh: Must be nice to get away with under 5 products! :(
  7. Lakesha Toy

    Lakesha Toy New in Town

    Yes I too love using products but I always prefer to use home remedies or else natural products.I usually love to read post related to skin and hair care.Reading post I get idea for my skin and then I do try it.I am hairdresser so I know how to make products,what to try and what not.I tried my own site products whre I have both hair and skin care products.Like mizani products and olive oil products.
  8. Skin care wise I use one of a few different cleansers or scrubs depending on how my skin feels; foreo luna to wash with; then after, a skin oil if needed; eye cream and then moisturiser (different ones for day and night). Make up is a bit different. On and day to day basis it's foundation, powder, eye primer, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara, then lip balm and lipstick. Sometimes I use blusher, but find it difficult to get a good vintage red one. They all seem too peach, dusky rose or tawny. I have a perfect Dior one that is really red, but want to buy a cruelty free one instead. If i'm going out at night I tend to amp up the eye shadow so it's not just a nude/neutral one but has some shimmer or is more pigmented as well as the eyeliner etc.
  9. Oh and hair products are shampoo (loads of different ones depending on whether my hair needs a gentle wash or days worth of hairspray removal!), conditioner, treatment a couple of times a week as my hair is bleached platinum and that and the hairspray really dries it out, gel/mousse/setting lotion and hairspray to finish.
  10. retrorover

    retrorover New in Town

    Philosophy wash and moisturizer
    Retin a at night
    Rose water toner
    Vitamin c powder
    Revlon BB cream or Armani foundation
    Cle de Peau concealer or Revolon or loreal
    Besame lipstick
    Sometimes powder
  11. Delma

    Delma New in Town

    Cetaphil cleanser
    tinted moisturizer with SPF
  12. GypsyLyn

    GypsyLyn New in Town

    I'm a product junkie too. On a normal day;

    Moisturizer with spf
    Eye Cream
    Mineral primer
    Tinted primer
    Eye primer
    Liquid eyeliner
    Eyebrow pomade
    Banana powder
    Illuminating powder
    Setting spray
    Liquid lipstick

    That's just to put on, to take off I use a makeup remover and washcloth, then a foaming cleanser with clarisonic, eyemakeup remover, then a night time moisturizer with retinol.
  13. What exactly is counted in the article? Skin care and makeup?
  14. Melissa Mixon

    Melissa Mixon New in Town

    I think home remedies are best. They do not have any side effects if used properly.
  15. Didof

    Didof New in Town

    I dont use that many products but that ones I use are all natural because they are much healthier and better for you.
  16. Eva Granch

    Eva Granch New in Town

    I tend to try and use a lot of different companies for my hair, skincare . For skin I always us:
    cleanser, toner,moisturizer, exfoliating scrub, sun protection

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