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How to wear a wrist watch?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by shortbow, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. shortbow

    shortbow Practically Family

    I recently acquired a neat old Bulova wrist watch. I have used pocket watches since I was a LOT younger.

    I remember my parents telling me that a gentleman in a business setting or out for the evening should wear a leather band, but I can't remember if they stipulated it should be black or brown.

    Any help on that one?

    Perhaps it should match the shoe color?
  2. Mav

    Mav A-List Customer

    I go with matching the shoe and belt color.
  3. davestlouis

    davestlouis Practically Family

    Always black for me, but only because I wear black shoes and belt every work day.
  4. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    That's pretty much how it works . These quick release watchbands come in handy.

  5. You should match it with shoes and belt. I also hold to the more old fashioned notion that the leather band is for dress, as a metal bracelet is a sports watch. This is a source of debate in current watch circles but I think the leather strap is more refined.

  6. Yes, definitely match the shoes and the belt. If no belt, then match the leather tabs on your braces.
  7. Mav

    Mav A-List Customer

    That's pretty slick.
  8. shortbow

    shortbow Practically Family

    Thanks guys. Makes sense and it's simple and easy. As to bracelet bands, my Dad wore one on his Omega for it's ease of use, but sort of always considered he was doing something he really shouldn't. Personally I like leather better anyway so it's no sacrifice for me. Looks great too as it sets off the gold etc., without looking too modern and flashy.

    While we're on the subject, and just for the sake of idle curiosity, when did expandable bracelets come in? This old Bulova came to me with one, a Spiedel, but the watch is late thirties and I'm pretty sure it must be after-market.
  9. Spiedel has been around for a long time according to their website they started in 1904 as a company. I actually recall them advertising their expandable metal bands on TV maybe in the 1960's or 70's as a great watch band replacement.
  10. I'd go with matching shoes and belt as a good idea. One set up I like are gold tone Hamilton type Tank watches with a brown leather band.
  11. shortbow

    shortbow Practically Family

    Thanks John. Do you think it's safe to infer that expandables were in use in the late thirties and/or that the one that came with my late thirties Bulova could be original to that watch?
  12. Mav

    Mav A-List Customer

    '60's. The Spiedel metal flex band was big then, along with black faces. My dad and his cronies wore 'em. May have just been fashionable in their line of business, but it was cool in the same way the huge, highly metallic Rolexes worn by middle management were in the '80's. Which is to say...not cool at all. I'm not a Mad Men fan, but these are the guys who would have worn Spiedels back in the day. It wasn't as classy a time as we'd like to think.
    Gimme a tank with a leather band, anyday.
  13. Jay

    Jay Practically Family

    I'm not sure where I remember seeing or reading this, but I remember hearing that the expandables were both expensive and classy during WWII. So at the mid-40s at least, I'm guessing.
  14. I wear whatever colour band I bloody well please, and convention be damned. They usually match, though sometimes not.

    As for the Speidel expanding bracelets, I have no idea when they were introduced, but I do have a watch from 1954 which came with one on it, so they've been around since at least then.
  15. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    So, you'd wear brown with a Tux?

  16. It's not beyond the realm of possibility. If I actually wore a watch with a tuxedo.
  17. Ggogle their website- it has a timeline of their notable highlights and may give an insite as to the introduction of the expandable band.
  18. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Oh,so it's a possibility which will never happen.....:rolleyes:

    Are you in law school? Or did I misremember........
  19. shortbow

    shortbow Practically Family

    Great tip John, thanks a lot.
  20. shortbow

    shortbow Practically Family

    Couldn't find anything on their site, have emailed them, if I get an answer I'll post the info here.

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