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How to wear hats without ruining your hair-do

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Vintage Rose, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I checked to see if anyone posted on this and couldn't find anything. I LOVE vintage hats. It's bordering on an obsession. I love to wear them out errand running just like ladies would have in the golden era. Before I cut and started curling my hair, I wasn't as concerned with mussing it up. Now I'm scared that if I wear my hats I'll flatten things out, or make them frizzy or static-y. Any thoughts out there on rocking your hat without squishing your 'do?
  2. Vila Domini

    Vila Domini New in Town

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that the reason a lot of '40s dos are flat at the crown is because it allows hat wearing without messing up your curl. Perhaps on the days you want wear hats, try only rolling up to your ear, or temple, to get that Lauren Bacall-type look- that way, if the top of your hair was flat to begin with then it won't matter about putting a hat on :) I haven't tried this really myself- too scared to wear vintage hats outside the house - but it kind of seems like your best chance is making your hairstyle fit the hat, not the other way round.
  3. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Yep, many hairstyles are designed to work around hats. Personally, I wear certain hairstyles with corresponding hats. Berets go with any style; doll or tilt hats work with rolled updos; fedoras are big enough to fit over any hair; and sunhats go with free and easy hair anyway.

    The other thing I will point out: When you're new to vintage hair, you tend to fuss over it more and try to keep it pristine (I know I did!). When you get more used to it, you will feel more relaxed about your style and won't fear the hat. :)
  4. LinaSofia

    LinaSofia A-List Customer

    I second C-dot! I used to fret so much about my curls and not ruining them! Recently I've relaxed a lot more about it. Like C-dot I also plan my hair around which hat I am wearing. Little 40s tilt toppers are my favourites, because they work with wearing rolled up hair, which I tend to do most of the time. A 40s set is usually flat on the crown anyway, so it's easier to wear hats without messing up your curls. You could also wear your hair in a gibson roll (rolled up at the back), which works well with hats too.
  5. I also used to be worried about this too, but some hairstyles are near industructable. It took me three years to be willing to put a winter hat over my rolls (so I either went without a hat or didn't wear my hair like that). Now I just pull the hats on and run out the door- they are tough.

    Try experimenting at home, at the end of the day, pulling on different hats to see how they set on your head. If I get a new hat, I try it on each time I style my hair differently to see what it goes best with. But I do it at night, so if it is a disaster, it's not going to ruin my hair for the day.

    The other thing that really matters about a hat is if you will be taking it off or not. If I go out shopping, out to eat, or to a wedding, I'm not taking my hat off. (Ladies do not need to take their hats off like men do- for ladies a hat is part of their hairdo.) So it really doesn't matter what is going on under the hat where I can't see if I am not taking it off. If I am going to work (or to someone's home), I'm taking it off, so what's underneath needs to survive and look decent.
  6. RodeoRose

    RodeoRose A-List Customer

    If you have a classic '40s set, with curls starting lower down, then hats won't ruin your set at all. As a matter of fact, I usually end up wearing a hat on days my set came out a little "off"; they cover up those mistakes quite nicely ;). Keeping the top of hair smooth will also allow the hat to sit closer to your head, which looks neater and make it more secure. For minimal crushage, I choose smaller tilt hats, caps, berets, and the more subtle cocktail hats... anything that perches on your head rather than dominates it.

    And like Sheeplady pointed out, consider whether or not you'll be taking your hat off. Ladies weren't really meant to take their hats off in as many situations as the fellas; imagine having to fiddle with your hatpins every time you walked into (and out of) a building!
  7. Thanks ladies for the answers. The one problem I still have is that when I do have to take the hat off, it can leave the hair on the top of my head a little fuzzy, even if it's the flat part of my hair-do. This can happen even with a really lightweight hat. Is there a way to avoid that? Here's another thing that crossed my mind for future reference- Living in NorthCentral United States, it get's COLD. Anybody have freezing winters? Is there a good way to keep your vintage hair looking good but also keep your head and ears warm? Stocking caps only worked for me with hair I could brush out and put in a pony because they DESTROY my hair.
  8. I use a big knit beret, and I very gently place my hair into it. (Not one of those little ones that won't go down to your ears.) I basically put it on my crown, and then tuck it up. If I am wearing rolls, I place it forward on my head and then gently put it over each roll. I cup my hand around any of my hairstyle (so hand is between that part of my hair and the hat), and use my other hand to guide the beret. Sometimes if I am trying to get it over a big poofy thing, I use both hands on the beret.

    It really helps to practice in front of a mirror. After a while you'll be able to do it without, but having a visual is helpful. Remember that if you are out, you can always excuse yourself and go to the ladies room to put your hat on.

    I basically have to wear a winter hat November through March, because otherwise I would freeze to death out waiting for the bus (or the 10 foot walk to the mailbox). So I feel your pain. We got 4 feet of snow last December 8th and we didn't see any bare ground (not even a little bit) until April. Then we got 3 weeks in which I could wear my felt hats that didn't cover my ears before it turned to the 80s.
  9. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    Yep, we get them durned freezin' winters. Like sheeplady, I have a knitted beret too. I find my curls stay in just fine in below zero temperatures, though. When I take my hat off I can just fluff them back up :) Try not to wear hats that fit tightly, unless you can incorporate them into your style.
  10. LinaSofia

    LinaSofia A-List Customer

    Having grown up in Sweden I know all about cold winters.... brrrr! I'm cold just thinking about it! It's during the winter months I am most happy I moved to England! Even though it's not exactly warm here either.

    Luckily, knitted hats, scarves and headbands and ear-muffs are very much of the 40s!

  11. C-dot

    C-dot Call Me a Cab

    I can't believe I forgot to mention earmuffs! :eusa_doh: If your ears are warm, the rest of your head usually survives.

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